Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sorry bakla lang, lasing pa!

NOTE: Some spoilers ahead.

I laughed out at this line, "Sorry bakla lang, lasing pa!" by Paolo Rivero's character in "Walang Kawala".

Agent J & I were able to watch this last night at Robinson's Galleria IndieSine of course.

The movie is great (of course it's a Joel Lamangan film!), though there were some pretty disturbing scenes mostly with Emilio Garcia's psychopathic scenes.

Going back to the Paolo Rivero-Joseph Bitangcol scene, I'm very sorry but that was very mean of "Waldo". I mean, what was he thinking?! Well, maybe he really loves "Joaquin" so he decided to be "best friends" with his housemate.

Nothing is more painful than a heart whose broken. Physical pains are pains, pero iba pa rin talaga pag puso na. And then the rejection and loneliness sinks in.

BTW, I noticed their house was the same house used for the movie "Roxxxanne". The front door and stairs are very familiar!

The best 'yung frontal ni Marco Morales (photo above), grabe binuyangyang talaga. I wonder if that frontal part was really shot along with the audiences at the gay bar. Hmm...nah I don't think so.

Aljur Abrenica was cute here, medyo *matigas* lang katawan nya, hehe!

Polo Ravales is also great here. I admire his acting. Hats off! Sexy as always and very nice butt!

Emilio Garcia's performance here was phenomenal. Very natural. There were times during the movie where I hated him like hell. Sobra.

The rest of the cast was ok I suppose. Another future addition to my Pinoy DVD collection. Yipee! I haven't got a copy of "Kambyo" and "Imoral" nga eh. But what about "Troika"? Attention!

Okay, off topic na. I'll give the movie 4 and a half out 5 popcorn bags. And yeah, one of the very few movies na pwede kong ulit-ulitin.


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