Sunday, May 11, 2008

Movie Time: The Bucket List


I am so moved by this film that I nearly cried towards the end. I remembered Lola kasi.

By the way, this one is actually a Film Feature in our company. May free popcorns siya in fairness. And the time slot I chose was 10pm-12mn since my sked is 1am to 10am.

In our program, I am the only one who went to see the movie. I guess most people are not interested in it.

I remember seeing the billboards for this film along EDSA waiting sheds and thought, "Wow! Morgran Freeman and Jack Nicholson in one film?!"

Unfortunately I wasn't able to actually see it in a moviehouse. So when the frontdesk sent the first notice for the Film Feature and it was "The Bucket List", I signed-up immediately.

The movie was great. That is already expected. However, I can't remove the notion that it is somewhat a 'gay' film since there's this 2 men touring the world together. But on the serious note, of course they have a reason in doing so.

Lastly, I thought also to myself if I would want to have the option to know when my time's coming, or just let it be. Personally, I would love to have the opportunity to know when my time's up. At least I will have the chance to say goodbye (or sorry) to the people I love or will miss.

The bad side on that one is that ultimately there's the self-pity going in. I have been the 'self-pity' type of person most of my life, let alone the fact that I will be going soon. That would be horrible.

Overall, life is too short for anything. I'd like to enjoy every single day of my life with people whom I love and care for. I've learned a lesson with the passing of my grandmother before and I would not let that happen again.


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