Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Reason to Hate ABS-CBN

NOTE: This is the 5th and final revision of this post. I tried hard to edit out as much "putang-ina nila" and "punyeta sila" as I can 'cos I'm really, really mad as hell.

ABS-CBN just deleted my YouTube account because of the Lea Salonga "Promise Me" MYX video that I uploaded last 2007! Pakshet talaga! As if naman yumaman ako sa pag-post ng video na 'yun?

Sana 'yung video na lang 'yung tinanggal, why does it have to be the whole YouTube account?!

3 years worth of uploaded videos, mostly my Weekly Top 7 videos na halos an hour to edit and produce nabura lang lahat!

Of course I created a new account but I'm not sure, I guess I'll be having all uploaded videos viewable up to 25 persons na lang or private na lang siguro.

I've seen some Kapalmucks and Kapamilyucks fans' YouTube accounts got deleted as well when they uploaded those never heard TV sitcoms and low-profiled teleseryes of the EBS TV station. I wonder how it felt to be betrayed by your own. Ewan ko na lang.

If that's the case, I will not be uploading or associate myself or this blog to the TV station anymore. Bakit nga ba kasi i-connect pa ba eh simula't sapol I loathed them.

I would have to change the banner as well. Can somebody please send me any high-res photo of Dingdong Dantes, Dennis Trillo, Aljur Abrenica, Alfred Vargas, JC de Vera or Polo Ravales so I could have them as my banner boy?

Please e-mail them to

Right now I will be having Victor Aliwalas as my banner boy. It will be up tonight.

Bakit ba kasi pinagpipilitan ko pa i-banner boy ang mga punyetang nalalaos na artista ng EBS na yan?! Sus?!

Ang dami ko na ngang problema, tinatamad na nga ako mag-blog dahil feeling ko wala na akong napapala, ganito pa aabutin ko.

Guys, this blog is now at risk. If that TV station was able to delete my YouTube account, ito pa kayang blog ko? Tangina nila.

Now the next time you point your browser to and you receive a message "Blog Not Found", you know who to contact ok? Murahin nyo rin sila.


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