Monday, July 16, 2007


So, it is my first day at work. Err, actually orientation pa lang but actual pay na.

Purnada ang lipat-bahay di ba? So I left home around 5:30 in the morning. Met 2 of my co-trainees (coming from the Las Piñas area) at Metropolis. We arrived at Libis around 6:10am.

One of our trainor is I think a bisexual, or more of a metrosexual type of guy. But he's a really good speaker, he's half-Brazilian half-Pinoy though. But I don't know, he's sense of fashion is really way off for me.

I learned a lot of stuffs about our company today. And it made me proud that I am part of it. I must admit that I have no previous knowledge whatsoever of its clients, awards, NASDAQ status and other profiles until today.

I can only say one thing: WOAH!

So ayan, icebreakers na naman. Topic was (drumrolls!!!) geography. At puro capital cities na naman itu! My group won obviously. Though best of 5, I only got the chance to answer twice.

Rule was only 1 member of the group can stand up and answer on the gamemaster's cue. If more than one stood up, other group can steal. Taray di ba?

Hungary's capital was quite easy. Within 2 seconds wala pa rin tumayo from any of my groupmates or the other groups, I was like "Shit, tangina ako lang talaga nakaka-alam" so I stood up and shouted "Budapest!"

On United Kingdom, I was quite astounded no one dared to answer 'London'. I guess I got lucky on this one. Imposibleng di nila alam na London ang capital ng UK.

More on the orientation stuffs after our free (Jollibee) lunch around noon. Around 2pm we were dismissed early for our 2-hour ID picture taking.

I brought along a necktie for this one though I didn't wear it during the orientation kasi exagge na. Ako lang naka-executive attire dun.

I really value this orientation even though 2 days lang siya. As well as the forthcoming training programs. If it says 'Smart Business Casual' then I'll wear long sleeves (folded up to elbows). Pag dress down nga naka polo pa din ako. I guess di ako mapapasuot ng maong except on parties or events. Pero pag sa office, ewan, OC lang siguro talaga ako. Or should I say, a really old-fashioned guy. I should get better after, hmm, 3 months? LOLz


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