Sunday, November 21, 2010

RapidShare officially SUCKS!!!


Or should I say, RapidShit Sucks!

I have plans today to upload some new stuff for my blog and I realized I cannot download anymore from the site EVEN though I am a PREMIUM user. And my Premium Points are all GONE!!!

They now requires Rapid(Shit)PRO that you need to purchase minimum of 5.99 €. Fuck, that's Php355!!!

I didn't receive any e-mails or notice about these changes?!

And you cannot even download a single file for an hour! A pop-up shit will prompt you to sign-up for their fucking expensive contracts.

I thought if this was the case, none of my stuff will be downloaded! Back then, it was so DIFFICULT for non-premium users to download fiels from RapidShare, but now???

EVERYONE!!! Use Megaupload, Hotfile, 4Shared, Mediafire or whatever file-sharing site out there! Leave RapidShare!

And they have the nerves to wish everyone a nice freakin' weekend!

Like the hell! My weekend is as screwed as they are!

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Rapidshare Sucks


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