Monday, December 15, 2008

Versus M2M 3


I was able to see a VCD of this one yesterday when I went to Festival Alabang to buy some parts for my computer. Wala pang DVD! Even sa Robinson's Galleria. Haist! I was so close in buying the VCD! But nah, I would like to have the DVD format.

This is actually the 3rd set from the M2M Series by VideoFlick. First was the "M2M Masahe" (also featuring Paolo Serrano) which showcases man-to-man erotic massage, second is "M2M Erotika" which showcases man-to-man erotic dancing.

JC Tiuseco - Pinoy Sole Survivor


Congratulations to JC Tiuseco, the first Pinoy Survivor!

JC is a 23-year-old NCAA basketball player from San Sebastian College. He will take home 3 million pesos cash prize (tax free).

IBU - I'll Be


IBU stands for "Inspired By U"

Formed in 2001, the group is composed of two Filipino-Americans, Jonathan Shauf and Michael Musni, and the third member, Tommy Chanthasene hails from Laos.

The group has released a full-length CD "Redifined" and 2 CD compilations.

This one is my fave from them.

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Bush Shoe Incident


A comment from YouTube says:
"Bush started a war that killed 1.2 million
Reporter threw a shoe at a murderer and missed
Which is more evil??"

YouTube URL

In fairness, ang bilis nya umilag pero ang bagal rumisponde ng mga Secret Service. Para nga tuloy staged lang.

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