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Lovebirds is a Pinoy gay comedy-drama film starring Joseph Izon (MariMar, GMA-7) and Puerto Rican actor Andres Alexis Fernandez.

The film is directed by Ronaldo "Roni" Bertubin (Sikil) and also features Johnron Tañada (Kambyo), Tommy Abuel, Adrian Ramirez and Ms. Boots Anson Roa.

Lovebirds has received an MTRCB rating of R-18 approved without cuts. It is currently being shown at the following venues: Robinsons Galeria IndieSine (Ortigas), Robinsons Place Malate, Gotesco Grand Central (Monumento), Gotesco Commonwealth, Remar (Recto), ABC Theatre (Guadalupe, Makati), and Isetann Cinerama (Recto).

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SYNOPSIS Separate not the lovebirds. If one goes away, the other dies.

Mario, a reserved and quiet young man, is introduced to the world of cyberspace by his bosom friend Ton-Ton. Through the Internet, he met a chatmate from Spain named Alexis. After exchanging pleasantries, Mario and Alexis soon developed a relationship as cyber lovers.

Alexis then visits the Philippines to meet up with Mario and propose marriage to him.

With the announcement of her son's engagement and Alexis' visit, Amelia, Mario's old-fashioned and strict mother prepares for a welcome feast.

Soon, their peaceful sleepy town is suddenly awakened in anticipation of the foreign guest. When the day of Alexis' arrival came, there was a mixture of both confusion and shock among the villagers since Alexis turns out to be a man.

As the main characters of the story grapple with this unexpected consequence, their cultural differences collide with riotous and hilarious results leading to the discovery of their own true identities.


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