Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008


(photo courtesy of DocTony)

2008 is here! What's in it for me? For us? For our country? Haayy...

I'm still here at work. Ala na masyadong calls. Di naman mahilig ang mga Kano sa fireworks, but they do celebrate New Year rin siguro.

During the countdown dito sa Libis, some of my teammates went down CyberMall building while some of us (including me) were stuck in a call!

Darn! Pero ok lang, benta naman yung akin worth $299. Hehe! Magandang senyales ito! Haha!

And also this is the first time I'm spending New Year's Eve without my family.. Waaahhh!!!

The fireworks' fine here, may mga pahabol pa around 1am hehe!

Overall, cheers to 2008!

PS: Can't wait for "I Am Legend" though...


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