Friday, September 19, 2008

Babylon A.D.


I love sci-fi movies, I really do. I was very excited to watch this with Agent J last Monday, but I was very (read-VERY) disappointed with the ending.

It makes me wanna read the actual novel from which it was based upon.

I also happen to like Vin Diesel. Yes! And I'm looking forward for his "Fast and the Furious" next year as well.

The critics were kinda harsh on his acting here, but I don't care. The moment I hear his hoarse and voice, oh my! Well, you know what I mean.

Michelle Yeoh is fantastic here doing her own stunts. I was a bit shocked she died here. Oops! Spoilers! My bad.

The actor who played "Aurora" here (Mélanie Thierry) got pretty on the second half of the movie. Yes I know she could've taken a shower and all that, but coming from a convent all her life and then upon arrival in New York and she suddenly has that supermodel look? Hehe!

I like the rap music on the beginning of the film. But I really wish our world will not come to that state in the future; nuclear war, mass-scale chaos, rage.. I do not feel like living if my world's like that.

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M.Y.M.P. - These Dreams


Still the best Heart song for me. And kudos to M.Y.M.P. for a very wonderful rendition.

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Lea Salonga Teen Notebook

Toinx! Meron din pala siyang ganto! Haha!

Parang si Yasmien Kurdi lang! Wehehe!

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Weekly Top 7 (September 19, 2008)

1. Various Artists - Just Stand Up!
2. Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why (Live in Melbourne)
3. David Archuleta - Crush
4. M.Y.M.P. - These Dreams
5. Damage - Love II Love [Cutfather & Joe Remix]
6. Sam Milby - Each Passing Night
7. Deepface - I Want To Live


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