Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BED and being single (again!)


FINALLY! My debut @ BED! And to think it is their 5th Year Anniversary Party! WOW! I had a blast!

Actually, it was an impromptu trip. My friend Jeypi and anime0210 went out to GenTrias, Cavite to attend his friend's dinner party (she passed the board exams). Then Jeypi dared what if we go out to BED after. I said, "Yes, why not?!" Good thing I'm already dressed up for BED! YAY!

We left GenTrias around past 12midnight (Sunday), arrived around 1am. We met some of Jeypi's friends at Fluid Bar, then headed to BED around 1:30am.

Gosh! The cute guys, gorgeous waiters, buff baristas (one of them almost crushed my fingers when he passed my drinks), sexy gyrating dancers and the fabulous drags! I can't breathe...

And guess what who I saw there? None other than my friend JayD! Wow! The last time I saw him was in 2006!

I wasn't able to meet someone new. It's my first time, what d'ya expect?! And I'm not used to that eye contact thing. And someone caressed my chest from the backside and touched my butt for goodness sake!

Sheez! I warned Jeypi what if I experience a 'culture-shock' when we get there, he casually replied "Of all people?!". LOLz

Nah, I've already heard those 'touching' thing way before. What was really cute was there's this 2 couple kissing on the lounge. Very nice!

Jeypi mentioned someone was already looking at me. A semikal chinito guy. What?! Semikal! Poof! Sayang naman!

Hey, whoever you are (including the one who caressed my chest) I do apologize for ignoring you guys. Please bear with me, first time eh! Hehe!

Anyway, there's always a next time. I must admit I got addicted. I really enjoyed the night. It's my first time to go out on a gay scene and in Malate. And I promise I'll come back, every weekend, if my pocket allows me to (oh, I'm sure it will!).

Omigod! I finally have a nightlife! Woohoo!

PS: Jeypi and I will hit BED again this Saturday, April 19.

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