Sunday, December 02, 2007

Danny's Grill & the Xmas Party

Yes! You heard it right! Sobrang aga ng Christmas party talaga uo! Parang simpleng company party lang tuloy.

Out theme was hiphop-R&B glam but I didn't followed suit. Naman! Mahal ang Panamanian hat at bling-bling! And once ko lang susuot? Hehe!

Anyway, the party's set at 8pm, but I arrived at the World Trade Center almost 9pm na rin. Daming tao (and cuties), sobra. I had a hard time looking for my teammates and wavemates. Good thing I loaded up my phone big time!

The food was ok (the bread plates were annnoying, wala talagang dinner plates?), and the production numbers so-so except for the Maneuvers of course!

I didn't get to win a raffle item unfortunately, but its ok. Spending time with my friends and wavemates even for a night was enough. Some of us were re-profiled to different programs and sites already so we've missed everyone actually.

We opted to go to Star City around 11:30pm but it was closing so they didn't allow anyone to enter the premises so we ended up at Danny's Grill at Macapagal Avenue.

Cutie and lead vocals ng band dun, sobra. He looks familiar though, maybe sa Guys4Men? Haha! Nah, honestly he's cute and he has a great voice as well.

We stayed and drink the night (uh, morning?!) until around 3am. Then parted ways, me to Rodel's flat in Las Piñas 'cos I don't want to disturb my folks in Muntinlupa.

I had to go home to Munti nga pala to anticipate any perishable giveaways like hamon de bola or queso de bola. We currently do not have a refrigerator at the apartment in Rosario, so.

I just wish I could still attend the company's Christmas Part next year!


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