Friday, April 27, 2007

Weekly Top 7 (April 27, 2007)


1. Ronnie Liang - Walang Iba
2. Jeremy Jordan - Right Kind of Love
3. Elliott Yamin - Trainwreck
4. Ronnie Liang - Ngiti
5. Melinda Doolittle - I've Got Rhythm
6. Anthony Callea - Addicted To You
7. Saliva - Ladies and Gentlemen

My current fave track off Ronnie Liang's debut CD "Ang Aking Awitin".

JEREMY JORDAN - Right Kind of Love
I heard on a restaurant where my cousin & I ate lunch the other day and memories came flying back! YAY!

ELLIOTT YAMIN - Trainwreck
There's an acoustic version of this one, but I like the album version better. It has the traditional R&B groove in it! Way to go Elliott!

Carrier single for Pinoy Dream Academy finalist Ronnie Liang's debut album.

Melinda sang this one during the Top 9 Classics Week. I am actually rooting for Melinda to win this year on American Idol.

ANTHONY CALLEA - Addicted To You
I followed the advice of a commentator here and downloaded some of Anthony Callea's songs, this one is my favorite. Gosh, he is indeed cute!

SALIVA - Ladies and Gentlemen
The new theme for WWE and first track from Saliva's newest album "Blood Stained Love Story".

Francois Sagat - SexGaymes


The very handsome Francois Sagat in his sex video.

Totally outrageous! He is being fcuked with a hardon!

Especially dedicated to blogdan Richard!

Download video
[ this download link is not my upload ]

Video information:
Format: Windows Media Audio/Video
Filesize: 87.80MB
Dimension: 640 x 480
Duration: 17:22
Bit Rate: 700 kbps

Mr. Brazil Mundo 2007 - Lucas Gil


Age: 22
Occupation: Model, nutritionist
Sports: soccer, working out, jiu-jitsu
Hobbies: Enjoys music, reading, dancing
Talent: Forro dance
Language: Portugese

First Runner-up in this year's Mr. World Pageant in China.

Download the photo set
pw: miong21
40 images + CS, 1.30MB

No Regret - Korean Gay Film (Photos & Clip)

I wish I could see the full-length version of this movie.

Video clip and photo sets are from blogfan Richard. Hope you guys will like his contribution.

More info about the movie here.

Download clip (1.67MB, 27secs)

(right click, 'Save Link As' for a larger version)

FavIcon v2.0


I've updated the FavIcon for my site with a new one. The first one was the rainbow embossed male symbol on a white background. But the symbol is hardly visible so I decided to switch things.

I've put the rainbow gradient as the background, and changed the color of the male symbol to white with black outline. Nice!

For more infos on how to add FavIcons to your blogsites, visit here.

Blogwatch: Badinggerzie


The greatest Pinoy gay storyteller on the planet. It's time I look back to the first real gay lifestyle blog that I've seen: Badinggerzie.

The blog owner's first entry "1 gay + 1 gay = 2 gays" was featured in L Magazine way back in 2005. It was really funny. The phrase "buhay vek-vek" (gay life/buhay bakla) was enough to knock me off from my seat!

And when I visited his blog online, I was in awe of his encounters, stories (naughty & not), and some personal real-life experiences.

While I do not speak the Pinoy fag language, at first I really found it hard to connect with his entries but somehow I get to work my way around. I actually have to give him credit for enlightening me with some of those local gay terms.

Some words I am familiar with (courtesy of my elementary friend JP who's so out and flambouyant) were "chaka", "chiz", "choz", "kiyeme" (I don't know how that one is spelled, and it has a lot of meanings depending on the usage), "mudra", "fez", "menchu" and of course, the tens of thousands referral to the male genital organ.

I really find Badinggerzie's blog amusing, if not utterly hilarious. When I'm reading it, it's as if I'm there with him having that moment, whatever that may be. Sometimes I have to cover my mouth to prevent myself from laughing out loud.

Props, ate!

Anthony Callea - Addicted To You

[edited June 5, 2007 (updated download link)]

I followed the advice of a commentator here and downloaded some of Anthony Callea's songs, this one is my favorite. Gosh, he is indeed cute!

Download MP3
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File information:
/ Filename: Anthony Callea - Addicted To You.mp3
/ Size: 3.29MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 3:32

Katharine McPhee ST (2007)


Katharine McPhee

* Notable track

1. Love Story
2. Over It*
3. Open Toes
4. Home
5. Not Ur Girl*
6. Each Other*
7. Dangerous
8. Ordinary World
9. Do What You Do
10. Better Off Alone
11. Neglected
12. Everywhere I Go*

Download CD
pw: miong21
[ files with no download hits for 10 days will be automatically deleted ]

CD information:
Year: 2007
Tracks: 12
Genre: Pop
Quality: 128 kbps
Format: MP3
Size: 41.9MB
Duration: 38:07 (mins:secs)
Archive: RAR

Mawin - Asian Voyeur

(moved to MiongXXX)

Download photo set at

Nicholas Stauder Photo Set


Nicholas is a model and has appeared in various print ads & fashion shows.

Download the photo set
pw: miong21
73 images, 7.30MB


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