Wednesday, November 19, 2008

EK on the 27th


We will be having our Year-End Site GA (General Assembly) at the Enchanted Kingdom on November 27, I'm so excited! (Sinabay sa Thanksgiving Day sa US so no calls! Yipee!)

2 reasons, first is it will be my first time (yes!) to go there. When I previously worked at the Laguna Technopark for a seatbelt and airbag manufacturer, araw-araw ko syang nadadaaan with the company bus to work. I dunno, maybe I was fed up with "Boom Na Boom" and "Star City" when I was a kid so I never really paid attention to Enchanted Kingdom.

Wow! Buong site ng Shaw, I am not sure with the other sites in Libis, PBCom and Alabang if they'll be coming in as well.

This will be fun! But of course, I must prepare those sun tan lotion and shades!

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Swearing In Of Gay Commissioner Draws Crowd In Tampa


Florida's Hillsborough County swore in its first openly gay county commissioner, Kevin Beckner today as hundreds gathered to witness the historic event. It was reported to be the largest crowd for such an event. County Circuit Court Clerk Pat Frank said of the crowd, "They're welcoming change, so it is Obama-like." [TBO]


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