Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Kasal, Kasalo, Kasali


My family went to see this film yesterday. Naging kaugalian na namin manuod ng movie every 1st of January.

Okey 'tong movie na 'to. Naaliw ako sobra, lalo na kay Ms. Gina Pareño but Judy Ann was fine too!

Gwapo ni Ryan but yeah, mas naglaway ako kay Derek (plays Ryan's friend Ronnie) at Gerard (plays Judy Ann's eldest brother Efren).

Pero medyo umakyat kami ng bakod nito kasi this is a Star Cinema offering. I hope di ako bitayin ng mga Kapuso for the 2nd time! LOLz

The funniest part was probably when Gina Pareño blurted "You're the father! That's your problem! My god!" Sabay gulo ng buhok na inis na inis! Grabe, dun ako talaga natawa!

Yung mga curse lines ni Juday kay Ryan and to Juliana Palermo during the 'lunch date' scene were hilarious as well. Lalo na 'yung ipa-pasok na siya sa delivery room. Bwahahaha!

At ang daming cute na extra guys sa film huh! Sa 'pangit' gym scene (give it to me Derek!), sa mall hallway near ACE Hardware, the scene where 'sinundo' ni Juday yung chiching ni Ryan (Juliana Palermo) and sa mga restaurants.

Okey din naman Enteng Kabisote but we don't watch Vic Sotto films kasi. Eat Bulaga na lang, hehe!

Last year (2005), "Blue Moon" ang pinanuod namin while "Aishte Imasu" naman nung 2004.

We're limited to watch only 1 film. Naman, P115 na pala sine ngayon! My gass! Can I go back to 1990's? 'Di naman halatang madalang ako manuod ng sine nyan! Hehe!

Seriously speaking, lahat naman ng napipili ni ermats panuorin pag New Year magaganda naman. The best pa rin talaga "Blue Moon", dun talaga ako naiyak sobra!

Go and watch this movie if you can. It's funny, romantic (if not, mushy) and at the same time kapupulutan ng aral.

Well, I don't plan to get married (to a woman) naman so 'married life' is least of my problems. My greatest fear would be growing old without someone by my side. I'm keeping my fingers crossed then!

Most Downloaded Files of 2006

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CD (4)
1. Bianca Ryan
2. Ryan Cayabyab - One Christmas
3. 604 - 604*
4. Mariah Carey - My Life
5. Mario Vazquez

1. Gary Valenciano - Hele Ni Inay
2. Lea Salonga - It's Just Another New Year's Eve
3. Lea Salonga - The Christmas Song
4. Itchyworms - Season of Smiles [CD version]
5. Thor - This Christmas

1. The Broker (John Grisham)**
2. A Long Way Down (Nick Hornby)**
3. Day of Confession (Allan Folsom)
4. Holy Blood, Holy Grail
5. Jewel In The Palace

MMS-WP (20)
1. Pinoy-Celebs
2. Pinoy-Models
3. Nudes
4. Models-JustinSeitz
5. Asians

MP3 (19)
1. Regine Velasquez - Maghihintay Ako [TV Rip]
2. Bamboo - Todo Lakas (Colt 45)
3. Lea Salonga featuring Christian Bautista - We Could Be In Love [Live]
4. Lea Salonga featuring Erik Santos - A Whole New World
5. 98º - Never Let Go

1. Lea Salonga - On My Own (1998)
2. Lea Salonga - You Could Drive A Person Crazy
3. Lea Salonga - Triumph of the One

1. Marco Dapper
2. Bryan Wong
3. Polo Ravales - Icon Magazine*
4. Belami Sweethearts Calendar 2007
5. Danny of BukBuddies

1. 07 Yuppie - Anthony Logan.gif
2. 10 College Boy - Chester Nolledo.gif
3. 10 College Boy - Chester Nolledo.zip
4. 01 Weekender - Josh Ivan Morales.zip
5. Provoq @ Bed.zip

Nescafe - One Moment, One Nescafe [Reggae Version]*
Nescafe - One Moment, One Nescafe [Reggae Full Version]**
Hale - One Moment, One Nescafe**
Nescafe - One Moment, One Nescafe [Female Version]**
The CompanY - GMA Kapuso Jingle*

1. Polo Ravales & Luis Alandy - Manay Po
2. Miguel VHM 2 - Camouflage
3. Miguel VHM 1 - Opening
4. Trick (Scene 3) - Piano
5. Yusaku Godai

Jesse McCartney - Right Where You Want Me


Jesse McCartney

* Commendable Track
^ Not included in the file


01. Right Where You Want Me*
02. Just So You Know*
03. Blow Your Mind*
04. Right Back In The Water*
05. Anybody*
06. Tell Her*
07. Just Go*
08. Can't Let You Go
09. We Can Go Anywhere*
10. Feelin' You*
11. Invincible
12. Daddy's Little Girl*

01. [Copyright Files]^
02. Format Data (Not Playable)^
03. Because You Live (Music Video)^
04. Beautiful Soul(Karaoke Video)^
05. She's No You (Karaoke Video)^
06. Because You Live (Karaoke Video)^
07. Beautiful Soul (Acoustic Version From Osaka Live Convention In Japan)^
08. Without U (Acoustic Version From Osaka Live Convention In Japan)
09. I'll Try*
10. Crushin'*
11. One Way Or Another
12. When You Wish Upon A Star
13. The Second Star To The Right
14. Winter Wonderland
15. Best Day Of My Life (Karaoke Audio Track)
16. Get Your Shine On (Karaoke Audio Track)
17. Good Life (Karaoke Audio Track)
18. What s Your Name (Karaoke Audio Track)
19. That Was Then (Karaoke Audio Track)

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CD information:
Year: 2006
No. of discs: 2
Tracks: 12 (Disc 1) / 12 (Disc 1)
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Format: MP3
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