Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Paycheck

Finally! Woohooh!

One full-month salary. Abono kasi yung July16-July31.

The downside is less than half na lang ang mapupunta sa akin. Most of it, pambayad ng kautangan and everything. Especially for the house bills and for my mom (of course!).

Well at least, may pambili na ako ng dress down ko (sneakers, maong pants, polo shirts - I really don't wear tees).

Usually kasi pag dress-down days, naka-business attire pa rin ako. Kasi nga, (waaahh!) I don't have proper shoes and pants. Siyempre I have to look decent and professional pa rin. Unlike others who still chose to dress up like they're still in high school or worse, they just got out of bed. (No offense meant to any call center agents out there)

Current ZEN tracklisting (as of August 15, 2007)

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NOTE: This tracklisting is not remotely available via the Internet. Please do not request for copies of some files.


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