Monday, February 19, 2007

Congratulations to Emmanuel Mago


Anyway, congratulations to Emmanuel Mago for winning Mr. World Philippines 2007.

Special thanks to my friend March for informing me through SMS about this event. Muntikan ko nang makaligtaan ang TV telecast.

Looks like John Lopez either backed out or was disqualified. Siya pa naman major bet ko! At least Peiman Borja won Mr. Photogenic while Iago Raterta bagged 2 special awards.

Bakit hindi sila pumasok sa Top 10? Eh hindi na bagito pagdating sa male pageants si Iago & Peiman? Besides, if their criteria for the face is 50%, dapat pasok si Peiman dahil siya ang Mr. Photogenic! And the cameras didn't need to lie, he's drop-dead gorgeous! Hmm, mukhang nangangalingasaw ang kalansahan sa mga hurado ah?!

And Iago Raterta was a semi-finalist on last year's Manhunt International [link]. The last time na nakuha sa semi-finals ang Pilipinas sa Manhunt International was in 1997 pa courtesy of Vincent Pinto. When we hosted the pageant in 1999, hindi tayo pumasok sa semi-finals!

I actually never thought Emmanuel would win. Yeah, hindi nga siya maganda magsalita just like a commentator said here. And I am a bit worried for him kasi he has less than a month to prepare for the Mr. World Pageant in China.

Di ko na masyado narinig ang sagot ni Emmanuel kasi inaantok na talaga ako. Walang tulugan talaga ito! The show was staged on the timeslot of German Moreno's "Walang Tulugan" which he himself hosted together with John & Jackie Lou Blanco. The show started 12:30am and ended almost 3am na.

As expected, baduy ang opening number. You can see it in the faces of some candidates. Sheez! At ang production number sa formal wear! Dios me! Ginawang operatic ang Macho Gwapito ni Rico J. Puno! Makes me wanna throw out the TV set outside our house! Haayy! Pero elibs naman sila sa galing ni Aicelle Santos at Jonalyn Viray sa song numbers! LOLz

Sa final 3, okay sana kaso hindi maganda ang final question na napapunta kay Claude Bocquet. He picked Pitoy Moreno and the question was something like "are you a loving son?". Ano ba yun?! Ayan 2nd-runner up lang tuloy si Claude. Sabagay kung siya nanalo kahit magaling siya sa Ingles, hindi naman siya mukhang Pilipino.

Jayson Fulgencio's answer was fine too! Sana siya na lang nanalo. And sayang din si Harly Ng, he looks smart. He and Jayson both went to Mapua so I bet they're really smart and intelligent!

Well, I wish all the luck to Emmanuel Mago.

Johnny Castle - Men Magazine (March 2007)

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Troika Movie Review


Buti na lang! Hindi ako nag-organize ng 'Movie Nights: Troika' sa G4M, aba lintek! Wala palang Troika sa Festival Mall Alabang. Namputsa!

I ended up calling Metropolis Alabang. Its my last resort dahil hindi naman nagpapalabas ng R-rated films sa SM Cinemas, particularly the one nearest to me was SM Southmall Las Piñas.

Anyway, last full show sa Metropolis was 8pm sharp. So Agent N & I met at around 7:45pm. Gass! Nakasabay ko pa sa jeep on the way to Metropolis yung schoolmate kong varsity player. He's a varsity dude so you know how he looks like. Kamukha (and has the same built) lang naman niya si Wendell Ramos. And he was extra sexy that night (may rampa?-LOLz), but I digress.

So ayun na, medyo kaunti ang nanunuod. I was pretty excited on this movie gawa nung trailer, poster at movie screencaps nya.

Binasa ko nga pala yung official MTRCB receipt ng Troika sa may ticket counter. Nakalagay dun, pinaiksi 'voluntarily' yung 4 na maseselang scenes sa movie.

1. Kamasutra scene (with Andre Soriano & Mara)
2. dildo scene (of Mara)
3. first threesome (this was with Lauren Novero & 2 pokpok girls)
4. second threesome (this was with the 3 lead casts inside the cave)

It didn't mention the alleged 'male frontals' but there's nothing in it on the film. The butt shots on the cave scene with the mineros was titillating though.

One thing I've noticed on the film is masyadong close-up ang facial shots. And its as if they are limited to one angle per person. Okay sana yung landscapes with all in Baguio, mining company, cave shots pati yung resthouse kaso medyo kinulang sa part nung editing & cinematography.

Lahat ng male actors dun 'yummy' ika nga ni Agent N. The acting is ok, pero bilib ako sa child actor (Carlo Lacana) kasi he plays as an autistic child na medyo may konting mental disturbance pag naiinis or nae-excite.

Mara, the lead actress is fine. Maganda siya actually. Her acting is superb for a newbie. Malayo ang mararating niya given the right exposure and projects. Sana lang, hindi lang siya malagay sa mga sexy roles.


Jamil Basa, who plays as a miner in the film is good. I like his lips, very kissable and his smile is drop-dead gorgeous. Very enticing, and the Igorot dance with Andre is very hot indeed! I do wonder kung talagang dinakot niya yung crotch area ni Andre sa mining cave scene? Maalab din ang kissing scenes nila. Mahusay ang direktor for that, pati na rin ang workshop trainer nila.

Andre Soriano, who plays husband to Mara is a one-and-a-half silahis (on the film). He has a resemblance with Raymart Santiago though, kaya lalo ko siyang nagustuhan. When I first saw the movie poster I thought it was Raymart talaga! Andre's acting is quite ok. Nakakaloko nga lang yung giggles nya on the 'drunk' scene. Was he really drunk at that time?! Natural na natural kasi. And I especially love the scene nung nagsuot siya ng pants sa room nya with his wife.

Medyo nakakatuwa nga lang during the movie house scene kasi I was doing the same thing Jamil Basa is doing to Andre Soriano's legs to Agent N! Haha! Kapilyuhan nga naman oo!

Lauren Novero who plays the former chief mining engineer also has a 'dakot' scene. Halatang hindi masyado nakadakot yung kamay nung girl sa crotch area ni Lauren. Parang may hawak tuloy siyang bola or something really round. Hunk pa rin talaga si Lauren, he's a perfect moreno for me. Sayang nga lang madilim masyado yung threesome niya with the 2 pokpok girls but I'm pretty sure he's naked in there.

The other miners were Will Sandejas, Provoq men Josh Ivan Morales & Johnron Tañada. The best ang butt scenes nila sa loob ng minahan. Whew! Hubad kung hubad, but no frontals. Siguro sa VCD/DVD release meron? Hahaha!

The good thing on these miners besides their buff bodies is of course their acting. Very good casting kasi nga probinsya yun. The curse lines of Will Sandejas during the sex scene and his storytelling is a classic! Kantong-kanto ka dong! Hahaha!

Criselda Volks & Raven Villanueva plays as two researchers on their track to the benefits & drawbacks of the gold mining industry. Ibang storyline naman ito. Pero I've noticed sa mining site scene, parang dun din nag-shoot yung 'Asian Treasures' with Marky Cielo & Carlos Morales. Yung part na may pinarusahan sa minahan at nadamay si Marky kasi nakialam siya. The site is familiar.

Storyline, medyo familiar pero unusual siguro para sa kultura nating mga Pinoy. May nabasa na rin akong story na parang ganto ang plot (courtesy of 'big boy') but it does not instigate a tragic ending.

Imagine, isang mag-asawa. Yung husband silahis, the wife is very much forgiving at mapagbigay talaga huh!? Gagawin lahat para sa ikaliligaya ni mister at isang estanghero na nakapagbibigay ng kasiyahan sa mag-asawa, pati na rin sa anak nila! But not sexually, damn! Yuckie na yung storyline na ganun ha?!

Ok kung sa ok yung film. But sa ending, its like a train na pabilis na ng pabilis, humaharurot na and then biglang tumigil. Yun ang naramdaman ko sa ending. Pwede namang hindi ganon ka-tragic yung ending ah, ba't ganon ang ginawa nilang ending? Waaahhh!!

But still, bibilhin ko pa rin ang original VCD (or DVD if I can afford it) pag na-release ito. Because of its story and cast. And of course, I'll post the special video scenes.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5

Ronnie Liang - Isang Saglit, Isang Tingin


The 2007 theme of Skin White as performed by Pinoy Dream Academy finalist Ronnie Liang.

Cute pala boses nya. Well, I'm not a Kapamilya so I really didn't watch PDA. His other song "Kailan Kaya" is good as well!

Kung hindi siya na-disqualify sa Pinoy Pop Superstar noon eh di sana Kapuso si Ronnie! LOLz

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Dawson - Freshmen (March 2007)

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Katharine McPhee - Everywhere I Go


This is my current fave track from 2006 American Idol 1st runner-up Katharine McPhee's debut CD!

It's Mariah meets the PussyCat Dolls! Loved it!

I have a video concept thing going around again with this song. Since the title is "Everywhere I Go", the music video would be in different locations. Places where a typical urban American girl would go. Shopping stores, coffee shops, gym, bookstores, subways, everywhere. And with each and every location, it will remind Katharine of her past relationship with her "ex-boyfriend". Places they went together as a couple, watched movies, seen a basketball game, picked-up laundry together, etc. She is sometimes with her girlfriends trying to comfort her and keep her company but she assures them that she is (quite) OK.

Towards the end of the song when Katharine is alone, she will come to a place (a perfect setting would be on a busy New York street) where she will actually bump into her ex-boyfriend. She will smile at him and the guy will smile back. Although she's shocked at first for bumping into him when all of this time she can't get him off her mind.

When she walked past him, she will look sad. Her eyes will contemplate a lot of longing and desperation, so sorry for the failed relationship. The guy will turn his head back on her, quite concern if she's really OK and had moved on. Deep inside he still cares for her. And then the song ends.

Ok ba? Karirin ko na ang pag-conceptualize ng music videos nito! LOLz

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/ Length: 3:47

Braden & Blake

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Cueshe - Asian Treasures Theme


The theme song from the hit GMA-7 TV series "Asian Treasures" performed by Cueshé.

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