Thursday, July 26, 2007


'Sean', our openly-gay and ultralicious cutie trainer for this week at Libis (would you believe we're back in Libis?!) added me to his Friendster account today.

I finally saw his pics there as well as those of his partner. They look good together of course.

Most of my female co-trainees still can't believe or admit to themselves that Sean is gay. It is because all of what they are aware of are the stereotype gays. The parloristas and everything. They kept saying "Oh, Sean couldn't be gay. He's so cute and oh so handsome!"


So if I come out to them, it would be okay 'cause I'm not cute and handsome like the rest of the gayguys on this planet?

Hmm, I'm giving myself 4 months that's all. First mission is of course my fashion get up. I should get some fashion makeover or improvements by November. Coming near second is of course the gym. Fuck, I swear I'll hit the gym. Third but not the least is those famous gay spots and clubs I am dying to go to since the birth of this planet. I have to familiarized myself to those places.

Of course, I can't go to those clubs if I look sluggish and stressed as a baboon right?

To Sean, of course best of wishes to you and your hubby! Muah! I wish I could post your picture here so everyone will have an idea how truly goodlooking you are! You remind me of my last-ex whom I believe is now in Taiwan. Hehe! But I'm okay.

And thanks nga pala for the advice! I truly appreciate them!


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