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Gay Expressions

I have 2 openly-gay colleagues in my class in training which of course made each and every day of our training absolutely fun and hilarious.

One is of course my dear friend Rodel whom I'll be missing since he's not part of my team.

The other one, who's more flamboyant, has several expressions made up in class. Even the straight guys picked up some of his verbal expressions.

I will list some of them here and include some usage na rin. Yung may asterisk (*) na-adapt ko na completely.

WIS = means "no", or "never" or maybe "not at all", usually done with the 'no' finger gesture {Ay, wis ang ipis!}
ENVERGA = a variation of imbierna or imberna which means "annoyed" or "annoying"; name originally taken from one of our colleague's school in Quezon {Na-enverga ako sa'yo!}
WICHELLES = an extended variation of "wis"
ERBOG = being horny or sexually stimulated {Nakaka-erbog siya...}
GURL = variation of "girl", usually pronounced by "guurrrll" {Gurrll, musta na?!}
BECKY BOOM = gay, discreet gayguy; sometimes spoken as "Vecki Voom"; also "Veckis" {Ay, mukha siyang Vecki!}
TIBOLI = lesbian; coined from "tibo" which means lesbian
*LIGWAK = varies on usage ~ failed, dead, removed, trashed out {Ligwak ang beauty mo, ning!}
*GORA = "go on", "let's go" {Gora na, ning!}

Other expressions:
*"Ay, sorry!" or Visayan-accented "Ay, sorrehh!"
*"Kamusta naman yan?!"
"Yun oh!"
"Nahiya naman ako sa ..."

Jed Madela - Healing


(from ASAP)

Ingay ng audience. Mga Pinoy talaga uo!

Taken from Kris Aquino's compilation "Songs of Love & Healing".

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Eve of Destruction


M2M Masahe - Clip 2


Last clip from "M2M Masahe".

Video clip contains some male frontal shots.

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