Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's too early

My SME (Subject Matter Expert) a.k.a. Team Mentor told me after the shift yesterday, "Bukas nga sumama ka sa mga meeting ng mga SME's para ma-experience mo".

If he's joking, it's okay. Otherwise, I am deeply flattered.

Today I was named one of the two Top Agents for the month of December 2007 (and for Quarter 4 for 2007) due to the 5 Customer Survey returns I received, all 100% Satisfied, 100% Resolved.

I still don't have the details for the 5th survey but I have been coached regarding the first four with our Team Leader.

I can remember way back even before when I was starting here at work that I'll aim to be at most a Team Leader in the future. First step of course is to become a SME.

But my actual first day on the floor (operations) and seeing their workloads, I automatically backed-out of the idea.

I wasn't actually expecting those returns. I just make sure that all of my issues are resolved and verify the customer's e-mail address so they'd get the surveys. At most times, they don't answer the surveys at all even if the issue was resolved.

Actually, those 5 all-100% survey returns worries me. It would set a huge expectations not only from my Team Leader & Team Mentor, but with the Shift Manager's as well. Heck, my name is posted on the Agent Top Performance board twice! One for the month of December, and one for Top Agents for Quarter 4 2007. Sheez!

And as a treat to myself, Starbucks ito sa sahod! Haha!

I'm also thinking of treating my team to two rolls of cake or maybe ice cream. 16 agents plus a Team Leader and a Team Mentor ba naman mag-request eh, makakapalag pa ba ako? LOLz


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