Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jason K. of All-American Guys

Jason King of All-American Guys
Photo © Michael A. Downs

Pink - Try (Live at 2012 American Music Awards)


This is an amazing, amazing uber amazing performance of Pink at the recently concluded 2012 American Music Awards!

And this was sung live ladies and gentlemen! Wow!

I think I'll keep this video instead of the actual music video (where this performance was based upon). The desert scenes in the video kinda lose the momentum for some reasons.

Watch the video:

YouTube URL

Gianni Sennesael - Mr. World Belgium 2012


Meet Gianni Sennesael, Mr. World Belgium 2012. One of my favorites aside from our very own Andrew Penaflorida Wolff of course!

I did a little research and the reason he's familiar was he also competed in another male pageant, Manhunt International last year and placed 2nd Runner Up!

Taylor Lautner Boxers in Breaking Dawn


I saw this online and I was like, "Oh my Gawd!!!!"

Well, I haven't seen "Breaking Dawn Part 2" and I don't plan to watch to, at least for now.

This is like the hottest that I've seen with Taylor Lautner! Undressing like that!

For those who've seen the movie, is still from the movie really? Wow! Maybe I should go and watch it?! LOL

One Direction - Last First Kiss


I'm not a great fan of One Direction but since I sample new albums, I sampled theirs 2 weeks ago and I liked more songs in "Take Home" than their first CD.

This is one of my fave tracks on their new album, along with "C'Mon, C'Mon," "Back For You," and "They Just Don't Know About Us."

Listen to the song:

YouTube URL

Eric Turner by Eric Battershell


These are fine photos of Eric Turner by Eric Battershell! Kinda peculiar you & the photographer share the same first name! LOL

MRT Traffic Infograph


Well this will be useful if I use the MRT, but I don't and I'd rather not! LOL

This infograph (credit unknown) shows the traffic frequency of MRT per station-bound at certain time of the day, northbound and southbound.

Notice that the Taft-bound lane is Red during the morning while the Cubao-bound is heavy late afternoon-early evening. Hehe!

Arialdy's Power Guns

Arialdy of All-American Guys
Photo © Michael A. Downs


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