Sunday, February 03, 2008

M2M Eyeball / Queeriosity


Josh was kind enough to pick up my copies (one for A.C.) of M2M Eyeball, courtesy of Queeriosity.

I was a bit disaapointed with the hard copies itself. I was thinking they would come in those commercial type packaging, covers and stuffs. Gaahh, I expected too much.

The video is okay though. Cute models especially Mark, AJ, Pao and the Chad Peralta look-alike. Borj ata name nya.

The only thing I'm worried about is if in case they'll release the "edited" version. From the uncut version, mejo kaunti lang frontals. And I was expecting there's an actual jack-off/cumshot portion. Josh on the other hand was a bit scandalized at that thought of mine. LOLz

Well, I'll still give it like 3 more years. If not, I'll invest in it and ako na lang mag-produce/scout to make Pinoy M2M porn videos.

Hey, I've always wanted to be the Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody of the Philippines, hehe! And that's for the record!

BTW, my copy of M2M Fantasies is yet to come. Hopefully, mas maganda yun.


I watched 'Roxxxanne' last night with Josh. And it has a tragic ending. Pwede naman 'atang hindi ganun ending.

But kudos to Janver Daily & Jay Acquitania for the fabulous work and to Jun Lana as well.

Hmm, I'm still thinking if I'll get the video when this one comes out on the shelves. If it wasn't for the kissing scene of Jay and Danvier and Janvier's bed scenes...hehe! Well, let's see.

Next stop...Daybreak. But probably on the 23rd na. K Josh? Hehe!

PS: Wag na u tampo sa akin Josh, ok? Hehe!


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