Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Directed by Monti Puno Parungao (director of hit TV series Survivor Philippines)
Produced by George Rocca Productions

Premieres February 4 @ UP Film Institute
Regular run February 11-17 @ Robinson's Galleria Movie World

Sinehan Digitales, the country's most prodigious producer of gay, lesbian and queer media products with its trailblazing indie gay and lesbian videos Duda, Bathhouse, Quick Trip, Retaso and Showboyz is currently organizing the First QUEERIOSITY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Manila, Iloilo and several other cities in the Philippines.

Synopis, photo gallery & movie trailer below


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What constitutes the line between enjoying sex and doing sex for money?

An 18-year old sex virgin boatman, Alfred, shares his journey to discovering life's pleasures as he battles his fears and hangups.

Set in a charming provincial town in the Philippines, where the river and the hanging bridge are equally popular to the tourists as the young boatmen, SAGWAN explores the emotions of Alfred as he reluctantly gives in to the awakening of the flesh that his peers indulge with wild abandon.

The smooth-running river of his romantic relationship with his mute girlfriend Cecilia makes a turbulent turn as his discovery of his family's dark secrets awakens him from his innocent beginnings.

One unexpected chance makes him realize that ultimate pleasure lies beyond who you are and who you're with.

Photo Gallery:

Adrian Campos / Anton Vincent Malco

Christian Cayabyab / Dennis Torres

Erie Obsena / Gino Cabrillas

Rod Ortiz / Ryan Dungo


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