Saturday, January 17, 2009

'Butas' moved to January 28


I received this picture (along with 2 others) in my e-mail.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Leo for keeping me in the loop for updates for this film, "Butas". Wow, big-time mga kasama ko sinendan sa e-mail. I feel honored being part of the group list.

But I digress. Okay, about the hot guy Marco Morales, "Butas" regular screening was moved temoporarily to January 28. Di pa raw sure 'yun. Toinx!

If it goes through but with cuts, I might wait for the DVD na lang.

'Ploning' failed to make it to the Oscars


Photo by Ryan Agoncillo

Judy Ann Santos' Oscar bid for Best Foreign Language Film failed to make it to the cut.

Our country never made it yet on that Academy Awards category even a nomination. Kahit nomination man lang sana, it would really boost our film industry.

Maisip ko 'yung efforts and hardwork for the promotion of 'Ploning' for the Oscars bid, nakakapanghinayang talaga.

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