Friday, August 17, 2007

Silent Sanctuary - Sandali Lang

Taken from their 2006 CD "Fuschiang Pag-ibig".

A verse from the song made a mark on my head:

"Di ko rin inakala
Na ika’y mag-iiba
O kay saya ko sa ‘yong piling
Bibitaw ka rin pala;
Di ka ba nanghihinayang sa atin?
Kailangan pa bang tapusin..."

But that was me. Ngayon, wala nang usap-usap. Break kung break! LOLz

No, seriously. Lahat naman nadadaan sa matinong usapan. For me, hangga't kaya pa, hangga't pwede pa, hangga't meron pa, sige lang. But then again, reality check, everything must come to an end.

And I thought love is supposed to be the most wonderful feeling in the universe. Pag anjan na ang break-up, parang gusto ko na ring magunaw ang mundo.

Hence, I was always like "Oops, teka muna! Wag muna please?!" whenever that particular moment butts in.

Where did I go wrong? Sumobra ba? O kulang pa? Stuffs like that. The last time I asked those questions was March 27, 2004. I've been sober since then.

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Anonymous said...

just be glad u had those experience, which makes u wise and stronger!

I can only dream of dat day....even to experience such! =(

Red said...

ako last month lang... tapos ung kanta ko naman sa kanya eh yung Maalala Mo Sana ng Silent Sanctuary naman.

Then I realized... Love isn't a feeling... Its a decision

Esquire Estévez P.I. said...
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Anonymous said...

hi there! nice blog link ex??? msg me if ok. have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

musta tol... hehehe wla lng po.. i accidentally open your blog.. tmang browse ng web then e2 nkita ko.. hehehe. cge 4:12am p lng.. back to work n ako..


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