Sunday, September 30, 2012



I just turned 31 today. Time indeed flies so fast.

I didn't get a cake this year. That's perfectly fine. I need to stay away from too much sweets anyways. Ergo, I just set the photo above as my Facebook cover. In short, tititigan ko na lang siya! LOL

Kidding aside, I would like to thank everyone who greeted me on this special day. Thank you guys! You know who you are. Though most of you have no access to this blog.

My birthday wish is still the same year after year, and that is for Him to keep my family and friends safe and sound. Especially my Mom.

So next year, 32, alam na. Wala na ako sa kalendaryo.

Kari Jobe's "Beautiful" kept me inspired. These past few weeks have been a rollercoaster, bumpy, rocky whatever you wanna call it ride for me. And I'm glad the storm has passed.

Kaya nga wala man akong birthday cake this year, that is perfectly fine. As long as my personal, work, lovelife and family life are ok, I am most definitely ok. God has given me pretty much everything what I need in my life right now, I couldn't ask for more.

Cheers to another 31! Me hoping...

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