Saturday, December 01, 2007

Heaven & Eggs


Our team had our breakfast meeting at Eastwood's Heaven & Eggs, and boy the food was great!

I actually got a brochure of the said restaurant last August of this year and the prices were a little expensive for my taste considering I haven't heard of the place. And the food (on the brochure) looks just ordinary.

But I got it all wrong!

Anyway, I took Grilled Pork Steak @ P218. The serving was great, I had to struggle a bit with the second pancake! LOLz

Our new TL decided to have our meeting there to discuss our forthcoming Team Assembly (outing) in Pansol, Laguna this month.

Of course, the experience wouldn't be a lot great if there's no cutie around. Of course there has to be! Si Miong pa?!

Our attendant, Felix, was super cute. Nice shoulders and perfect skin tone. I like the glasses on him and he has the cutest set of hands I've ever seen! I bet it's soft and warm! YAY!

Well, at least there's a reason for me to go back there not only because of the great food!

If you guys frequent Eastwood, try Heaven & Eggs (and check-out Felix as well! LOLz)


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