Monday, July 28, 2008

Bench Blackout Underwear & Denim Show

It was a blast! The second half was boring though. Bench Fever was way better even if I only saw it on video.

JC de Vera was smokin' hottt!!! Whew!

I noticed most of the models were beefy. The MUBO segment was good.

Again, many thanks to A.C. for the invites! Agent J & I had a great time though we waited in line for more than an hour. Good thing it didn't rain or something! Or else, kandos! LOLz

More photos and video clips below.

(Photos courtesy of Chuvaness)

Footage from Saksi:

Footage from TV Patrol:

Paul McCartney - This Never Happened Before


Agent J dedicated this song for me. Apparently he's been searching for this song and requested if I can get it for him.

Love you Mahal! Hehe! Bluetooth ko na lang sa'yo to tonight ok?

This track also appeared on the Keannu Reeves-Sandra Bullock movie "The Lake House" which I like!

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