Thursday, September 27, 2007

Imelda at Tutuban

We have this Hawaiian theme on Friday. So I decided to go to Divisoria/Tutuban to buy a Hawaiian polo for the said event.

Guess what, Imelda Marcos was there browsing for the ladies' bag.

It is actually my first time to see her in person. Medyo nagulat lang ako kasi parang out of place siya dun. There were 3 bodyguards by the way.

Later I found out, she owns one of the nearby mall.

Going back to the Hawaiian polo, a colleague of mine told me (also Rodel) that the recent polos/long sleeves that I'm getting were a little bit 'screaming' daw. Haay...I think I should come out na siguro at work.

Plus there's this girl at my own team na tinutukso sa akin. I don't know if she has a crush on me, but she blushes every time we were picked on. Did I mention she's my seatmate?


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