Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Drink Spree in Libis

This is our last day for our orientation. My co-trainees (Alabang group) went out on a drinking spree at Something Fishy around 6pm.

My last drink was last February pa 'ata. I took only 2 SanMig Light. Kasi nga I don't drink that much. Bumabaligtad sikmura ko. Hehe! Pero grabe ako malasing. LOLz

It rained before 5pm, dyahe siempre. We took refuge in KFC and planned our carpool for tomorrow.

We were assigned to Shaw by the way tomorrow for our 3-day Technical Foundation Skills Training. So it is safe to say na blessing in disguise siguro na hindi natuloy 'yung paglipat ko to Pasig. Ang layo kaya nun to Shaw!

We left the place around 8pm. Mega-traffic sa Shaw. We decided to drop by at our new site sa The Annex @ Shaw before actually heading home south at Alabang. Got home past 10pm na to think 7am pa pasok ko tomorrow. Arrghhh!


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