Friday, December 05, 2008

EK pics, yay!


Miong on the Grand Carousel

I had a great time at Enchanted Kingdom last November 27! Wow! To think it's my first time there! I must admit medyo nagsawa ako sa carnivals nung bata ako. But that time at EK, sobrang bumalik pagiging child at heart ko. Ice cream, shakes, the rides, the mascots and the scenes! Ba't walang cotton candy!!! Waahh!!!!

Medyo umambon when we arrived past noon kaya I don't have a picture at the front gates. Di bale, next time when June & I hit EK sometime December or maybe January 2009.

The rides we tried were Rialto, Jungle Log Jam, 4D Theater, Flying Fiesta, Swan Lake, Skater, Bump Car and Anchor's Away (Naiwan ang kaluluwa ko dito! Nyahaha!).

More pics below

Natatawa ako kay June dito, talagang mega-habol kay Elder Wizard para kunan ng picture. Pasaway si Wizard! LOLz

Jungle Log Jam - I was advised beforehand na mayroong picture taking dito during the 2nd dip. Kaya ayun, pumikit ako. June's facial expression is not that um...flattering though.

Rio Grande - I was a bit lucky I am not that soaked! But this was fun! I love the waterfalls!

Space Shuttle - This one I didn't try. Baka di kayanin ng puso ko. Lord, gusto ko pa mabuhay..

Wheel of Fate - In picture with the bebots of QA, nyehehe! Saya din sa Wheel of Fate. Apparently, my shot at the Flying Fiesta was missing.

EK at night..very romantic. I wish I could post our pic at the Swan Lake. We missed the company's program, grabe pila sa Swan Lake!

Syempre, hindi pwedeng hindi ako bibili ng Elder Wizard stuffed toy. Very cute! Wala nga lang siyang undergarments?! Haha!

Mario Winans - Stay With Me


Got this from an internet cafe's music folder. (Yes! I'm back with internet shops. Punyetang computer kasi yan! I can't update this blog tuloy, fuck!)

Track came from Mario Winan's 1997 CD "Story of My Heart"

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Weekly Top 7 (December 5, 2008)

1. Kyla - I'll Be Over You
2. David Archuleta - Waiting For Yesterday
3. David Archuleta - A Little Too Not Over You
4. Mario Winans - Stay With Me
5. Chris Brown feat. Keri Hilson - Superhuman
6. David Cook - Life On The Moon
7. Beyoncé - Broken-hearted Girl


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