Friday, July 31, 2009

The Big Boy That Was Almost The Little Boy


Just saw "Little Boy/Big Boy" on its special premiere last night at the Robinson's Galleria with the whole cast (the child actor was not allowed to watch it of course) and crew including the director Jay Alterejos and screenwriter Lex Bonife (who provided me 2 premiere tickets for the movie, thanks Lex! Loved your cameo appearance!).

That was the first time I saw Lex in person, second for Mr. Alterejos. Mr. Danton Remoto was also there to introduce Direk Jay. The movie was great, in my own opinion. I don't have any background or experience in film directing or production but I can say the film was a great improvement from past films (Parola, Lihim & Kambyo) in terms of cinematography, sound, musical score & most especially and importantly the acting. Not that those previous films lacks in any of those categories.

I like the fact that in some scenes, Robinson's character "Tim" acts like a baby brother (or lover) to Rivero's character. I find it very cute 'cos I sometimes act up like that to June, LOLz! We have our own little ways of making pa-cute to our own boyfriends and I am one guilty person on that!

I was holding June's hands throughout the film (like any other films we've seen, gay or mainstream) and I kept on pressing on him hard every time there's a touchy scene. Oops! No spoilers, it's a good movie you'll have to watch it. I like the way they ended the story, different and very uplifting from any Pinoy gay-themed film I've seen.

It's a touchy movie. And I love the cheesy moments on the film especially the "Ano, tayo na ba?" part. There were a couple of lines (and scenes) who were as if derived from my very own experience and I guess every Pinoy gay guy on the planet had felt and experienced such. I can relate to the two male lead characters, Raymond (played by Paolo Rivero) and Tim (played by Douglas Robinson). Been on the same boat one way or the other. The monogamity in a relationship, faithfulness and trust to each other. I have never had an open relationship. I understand some people are fine with it but I'm not.

The story reminds me of the movie "Shelter" about two gay guys trying to be with each other and has a kid to raise and I loved the movie dearly I wish I had the original DVD. But this movie will serve an inspiration to me and for June & I and also hope to everyone out there who is in a relationship right now.

It's so hard to find someone, somebody who will love you faithfully and with all their hearts out. So if you have that someone by your side, hold on tight and grab that ring when it's already possible!

I must say it's getting better and better every time! I am so proud of the entire Pinoy gay indie film industry! Kudos!

Girl Power of the 90's


I will be featuring songs from the Girl Groups of the 90's all month of August.

OF course, I'll be throwing in some girl power songs from 2000's onwards.

I'm a child of the 90's, that's the era where most of the music that I've listened to came from.

Expect music from the Spice Girls, TLC, All Saints, Solid HarmoniE, M2M among others next month.

M.Y.M.P. - A Little Bit


This is were it all started! I loved M.Y.M.P. because of this song, and the next set of songs that came after.

I heard this a few days ago on my boyfriend's music player and I instantly went back in time when I got hooked on Juris' voice! Woah!

Lyrics here

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Weekly Top 7 (July 31, 2009)

1. The Fray - Never Say Never
2. Cavo - Let It Go
3. Colbie Caillat - Fallin' For You
4. LaKisha Jones - You Give Good Love
5. Taj Jackson - Change
6. Mariah Carey - Obsessed
7. Daughtry - No Surprise

Nick Lachey - Ordinary Day


One of the leaked tracks off Nick Lachey's upcoming CD "Coming Up For Air"

Sounds like an American Idol coronation rejected song LOLz

Lyrics here

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