Monday, June 02, 2008

New phone: Nokia 3110


It took me some time to search for the actual Electric Blue version of Nokia 3110 on the net, hayyy!

Anyway, I bought a new celfone finally last Friday with Agent J, also at Robinson's Galleria (para in case may problem, isang dura ko lang andun na ako from my apartment in Pasig).

It is priced at PhP5,300. I'm pretty sure medyo mahal to since I chose to buy it at the Nokia Center.

I will buy the Nokia 6500 slide around August/September this year. Or, baka hindi na. We'll see.

I'm pretty much contented on this one. Mukhang mamamahalin, nyahaha! It has MP3, 1.3 MP camera, bluetooth, infrared, USB connectivity, MMS and I can download games/themes.

Agent J gamely accompanied me through all of the product canvassing. Even sa pagbili ng crystal casing, 2GB microSD card and even celfone straps. Mahal mo na ako talaga! Nyahaha!

Finally, I have a modern-day celfone. The past celfones were of Jurassic Age. Toinx!

Movie Time: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


I can remember watching the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" on Betamax when I was a kid. It came out on the year I was born. Hehe!

Agent J and I went to see this one last Friday night, May 30 at Robinson's Galleria. we actually opted for Eastwood but canceled due to time constraints and stress due to our shopping spree.

I enjoyed the last half of the film. But the main details is of course important on the first half.

I like Cate Blanchett's performance here, as well as Shia. Funny as usual. I can't wait for his future films.

I saw the recent GQ Magazine wherein he was the cover. I'd like to buy it sana kaso my gass! Almost PhP500! Sheez!

Some links for Indiana Jones on the net:
Indiana Jones Official Website
Indiana Jones Wikipedia Entry
Indiana Jones - Internet Movie Database
Indiana Jones on Yahoo! Movies

Next movie stop: The Dark Knight (RIP Heath Ledger)

Charice - Born To Love You Forever


Cover version by Charice Pempengco, originally done by Preluders.

My fave track off Charice's self-titled debut album.

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