Thursday, November 15, 2007

2 sales in 1 day

YAY! 2 sales in 1 day!

Actually, I'm in my 3rd and last phase of training at work. Sobra akong nahirapan during the second phase that's why I didn't bother blog about it at all!

Sobrang liit sales ko during that phase, a few hundred dollars less than the target quota. Excellent call behavior and AHT ang reason why I moved to the 3rd phase. Nahks!

This is actually our third day, sobrang over man powered kaya halos 1 call per agent lang ang pumasok last Monday and yesterday.

Two calls lang ako today, both with sales. Isang annual support plan and the second, a one-time support plan. Both issues resolved as usual, hehe!

Mas mataas quota for this phase ($1,500) but our TL said it is attainable since most customers are calling because they need something from us. Taray!

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