Tuesday, September 08, 2009

MiongXXX Blog Hiatus

This is my first official statement regarding the status of my other blog, the MiongXXX. It has been on hold for about 12 days now. I have requested for it to be "unlocked" or allow for a review team to check it out since I first discovered its suspension on August 26, 2009.

While some of the other adult gay blogs that went on with the same fate as my blog, theirs already appear a note "this blog is under review by Blogger.com". I still await for that status on my blog. Maybe there's a lot of blogs out there that is suspended?

Now I do apologize for my late reaction and update on this issue. It says on the notice "an employee from Blogger.com will check your blog within three days" after my unlock request so I thought everything's gonna be ok. I was wrong.

This is the reason why I avoid posting contents especially full length videos from syndicated studio outfits. I think that's the reason why it happened.

I plan to open the same blog either to Blogger or a different site. I still need time. I tried a site but it won't allow me to upload the .XML file. I'll try to look for other options.

Second reason will be my split-off days from work for 2 months now. I may not be able to come home to Muntinlupa with that where my PC and internet are. Even the last few posts on this blog were generated by renting on an internet cafe. I can't afford to go to cafes when I pay for home internet at the same time.

Okay, so split-off from work equals to can't go home when internet's at home in Muntinlupa? Not a good equation right?

I have yet to buy a laptop for our pad with my boyfriend so I can do stuffs anytime. (Sana may mag-donate! LOLz)

Until then, I will let everyone know when my other blog will be up again. Thank you for the continued support on my blogs and efforts.


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