Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007!


YAY! 7 is my fave number! (But of course!)

A new year has come. New life, new start.

Here's more to come for this year. Isang buong taon na naman tayong magsasama-sama.

I will not attempt to make a New Year's Resolution kasi di ko naman nagagawa talaga. LOLz

Last night was a blast! I made a Festo (picture below) as my contribution for our Media Noche, but it was a mess. Haay! Hindi ito maganda sa cooking future ko! Waaahh! I used to bake cakes though. Hehe!

I definitely pigged out last night. Never cared for fireworks though, kasi I was asleep after lunch till 7pm. I had barely enough time to cook na nga for the damn Festo.

Salamat nga pala sa mga nag-send ng text greeting last night as well as nung Christmas! Sorry nga pala kung di ako naka-reply sa lahat (well, iilan lang naman kayo! hehe!). Medyo limited load ko. I have a little amount of money left but I chose to spend it on the internet cafe to update this blog rather than to load it to my celfone.

To March, Ramel, malenautica, Lonj, Transkie, Lan (bes!), St. Elmo, Neo & Papa Eric, maraming salamat sa pag-aalala!

To all the friends I've made dito sa internet (blog, Yahoo! Groups, G4M & Friendster), cheers to another year! Wohoo!!

May we all have a productive one for 2007!

Happy New Year & God bless everyone!

2007 in Manila



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