Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hope - Who Am I To Say


Heard this one at McDonald's-Worldwide Center Shaw. And I had to ask one of the service crew for the artist & title of the song! Unfortunately, they don't have the CD sleeve so I had to remember the lyrics carefully.

It just took me around 3 minutes to look for this song. I initially got Colby Caillat's "Anything At All".

This song is amazing! To think it was released in 2004? Toinx! Where have I been?

Download this song now, this is my song of the moment.


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Melinda Doolittle's "Coming Back To You" CD cover


YAY! Just saw this today over! Wow! Can't wait for her CD!

Melinda's debut CD drops on February 3.

Will post her first single soon!


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