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A.C. and I finally met last April 27 in Makati at his condo unit and stroll along Greenbelt. We've been planning for this meeting since February of this year. As promised, he handed to me some blue films and porn DVDs, and I managed to copy some audio CDs he bought while he was here. Rain's CDs are great! I think I'm going to have a Rain festival on my Weekly Top 7 later this week. But I digress.

I was really surprised when he brought out a Brokeback Mountain DVD Widescreen Edition, yay! It's included in my wishlist! Plus a 1GB Flash drive (I was using my old 128MB since 2003) and lots of other stuffs I can't enumerate anymore!

A.C. is actually his initials, in reality, he's an Angel that Cares for Miong! Haha!

A.C., I know you're a regular reader of my blog and I know that you know that I am eternally grateful for all the stuffs, advice and care you’ve given me. I will say "Thank You" to you for the rest of my life if I have to. I really, really appreciate them and I honestly do not think of anything on how I can repay you. I hope my private pics are ok, please don't forget to send me the copies!

I had a great time with you, really. I know I overstayed for another night and I really hope I didn't mess up your sked as you're about to go back to the States within 36 hours by the time I left your place.

For three days and two nights, I had an opportunity to know and befriend a great person like you. You are blessed with great and loving people around you, and I am much honored to be one of them! I wish you good health and love.

Sa uulitin!

PS: I love the ice cream! We should try other flavors next time!

Provoq, Twilight Dancers & more

Please do watch out for these postings within the next few weeks (or maybe months).

These videos are courtesy of A.C. and I am eternally grateful for his kindness in sharing these videos.

I was also able to sample 3 of his Rain CDs, his songs are great. Let me know guys if you want me to upload his songs or CD.

Here's a sneak peak of what's coming up:

Bench Fever 2006

Making of Provoq

Male Friction

Twilight Dancers


Toyboys' World

McMeil - Splash (Viva Hot Men)


Scene 5 from "Viva Hot Men" featuring McMeil Dennison.

Download clip
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Video information:
Format: Windows Media Audio/Video
Filesize: 13.5MB
Dimension: 320 x 240
Duration: 03:38
Bit Rate: 521 kbps

Elliott Yamin - Trainwreck (Acoustic)

Best track in Elliott's debut album. Great vocals!

Only that this is the acoustic version of the song. I am posting this because of the last note. On the album version, they applied a fade-out on Elliot's vocals. Haay Miong, napaka-technical mo talaga uo!

And we're getting to the point of no return
'Cause baby when I give my heart
There ain't no turning back, no it ain't...

Eto sakit ko minsan, when I've decided in a relationship na 'ikaw na, ibibigay ko na lahat sa'yo', patay na tayo diyan. Heavy drama na itu! But as much as my heart (physically, nowadays) can handle, I avoid too much attachments to a guy.

Download MP3
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File information:
/ Filename: Elliott Yamin - Trainwreck [Acoustic].mp3
/ Size: 2.79MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 3:00

Tonio Ortigas

Tonio Ortigas has appeared in the movie "Burlesk King".

I still have the hots for him. A very delectable guy indeed.

Images courtesy of BiPinoyGuys and Etsing69.

Kelly Clarkson - Never Again


Newest single from the first American Idol, Ms. Kelly Clarkson.

Download MP3
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File information:
/ Filename: Kelly Clarkson - Never Again.mp3
/ Size: 3.33MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 3:36

Jerry Vale - EnglishLads


courtesy of

Super cutie!

Download video at

AI6 Hotties - Chris Richardson & Blake Lewis

Two of the hottest American Idol contestants ever! But I like Blake more. Will put him up as Banner Boy this May.

They look cute together, eh?

(right-click, 'Save Link As' for larger version)



Photos courtesy of Blaker Girls Exclusive, American Idol and World of Chris.


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