Saturday, May 12, 2007


I've removed these links at the sidebar and moved here on a single post.

For help on downloading files at RapidShare, please read the help thread here.

For more information on video file types, codecs and applications, please read the help thread here.

[ updated August 26, 2008 ]

* American Idol 7 Media
* Ang Lihim Ni Antonio  
* Bench Fever
* CD
* Cosmopolitan
* Daybreak  
* Dickies Underwear Show 2004
* Games
* Hubad: Stripping Sessions for the Daring Men
* Masahista
* Miscellaneous Files
* MP3  
* Pantasya
* Parola
* Photo Sets  
* Pinoy Hotdogs
* Provoq
* Sikil  
* Talong - Leonardo Litton
* Toyboys' World
* Twilight Dancers
* Videos  
* Viva Hotmen

* 40 Forbidden Questions
* CD
* e-Books
* M2M Stories
* MMS wallpapers
* MP3
* Music Videos
* Photo Sets
* Provoq
* TV & Radio Jingles
* Videos
* Viva Hot Men


Anonymous said...

Hey miong!

Love your site! It's effin' awesome.

PS. Why don't you just upload your files to It's a free unlimited site, rather than have some of them at rapidshare. (not that I'm complaining, still love your blog/site!)

viva said...

may I know the password of the file I downloaded from this site?

The file name is 05_Bantay. It requires a password.

Unknown said...

wow! nice downloads. thanks miong! you rock! ;)

marquee said...

miong hope u cud transfer some file from rapidshare to savefile, thank u!

aagizer said...

Hi Kuya Miong! Just Visited your BLog...very interesting and very True... =)

Can you share some "queeriosty" cLips over...please...! =)

Kasi 17 pa lang ako...just wanna view it kaso di pa ata ako pede bmili nyan...tnx po!

dale secret said...

hi kuya dave or kuya miong. hehe
favor naman
pareupload ng hubad 1 and 3
please please please
bday gift and grad gift mo na sakin ha.
thanks thanks thanks

jha said...

ei kuya miong,,,love na love koh c david archuleta....sana poh pde na din ma download ung songs nia nung AI like "imagine" and "when you believe"....para poh magkaron ndin me ng copy sa pc koh....
thank you so much kuya.....
gift mo nlng sken yun kuya....please....thnks poh ulet

Unknown said...

may i know the password of the file

Anonymous said...

ei... kuya... anong password nung 03_laro? tnx...

Anonymous said...

hi miong,

hope you don't mind if i request for the password of pinoy hotdogs pics. thanks po

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say hi :), am a new fan of your blog from Malaysia, really cool site, downloaded some ebooks and some pics, that should keep me occupied this weekend *wink*...if you ever get the chance with free time drop me a line and holla back k :), name's adam, mail me at HUGS

Anonymous said...

sana miong sa savefile mo na lang ilagay para mas madali ang pag download...thanx

Anonymous said...

Hi miong! Please help me with my lust for paul guesande.... been trying to download his files through rapid share but for some reason it won't. it keeps on saying that my ip is downloading something and wait until it finishes. but there's none being downloaded.

there must be some other way. email perhaps? thank you. my email is

Anonymous said...

nothing new???

Anonymous said...

hello. i downloaded a file named "johnny the bagger". but the files are password protected. may i know that password? thanks...

Sisi lain kehidupan said...

hi dave..
i need the password too..
helllllpppp... thank you

Unknown said...

I love your site!! There needs to be more site like this which show the beauty and gorgeousness of Asian men in particular.

Are any of your download links working? The Rapidshare links are showing as "expired" or "not existing", and the SaveFile links are saying that they're being updated. Thanks!


Hi im new to this site, why does it say error when i try to load a movie through rapidshare? thanx

robbiethree said...

link not found even if it is updated by the blogger,

Lean, do sorriso aparente said...

You have a really nice site, dude.


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