Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SMS Advisory


I'd like to thank everyone who's been texting me day and night as well as sending me e-mails.

I really appreciate your greetings and I deeply apologize for not having time to reply, if not, to most of you guys.

I am trying my best to take time to reply to your messages as well as your e-mails. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, work training and my Alabang-Libis-Alabang tour, I can't attend to everyone.

So I am hoping for your patience and consideration to my status.

Again, I am eternally grateful for your support to this blog.

Mandy Moore - Umbrella


(from Yahoo! Live Sets)

I must admit I am not familiar with Rihanna's version. So I heard Mandy's version first. But Rihanna's video for "Umbrella" rocks! It's a classic!

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File information:
/ Filename: Mandy Moore - Umbrella.mp3
/ Size: 4.19MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 4:34

Dave Koz - At The Movies


Great selections. My personal favorites were "Over The Rainbow" (of course!), "Moon River", "The Way We Were" and the 2 "It Might Be You".

Dave Koz is one of the gay people that I admire. I wish I could catch him perform live if ever he toured Manila again in the future.

If you love movies and jazz, this one is for you.

Dave Koz

1. Over The Rainbow (The Wizard Of Oz)
2. Moon River featuring Barry Manilow (Breakfast At Tiffany's)
3. As Time Goes By (Casablanca)
4. Somewhere featuring Anita Baker (West Side Story)
5. The Shadow Of Your Smile featuring Johnny Mathis and Chris Botti (Love Theme From "The Sandpiper")
6. The Pink Panther (The Pink Panther)
7. The Way We Were featuring Vanessa Williams (The Way We Were)
8. The Summer Knows (Theme From "Summer Of '42")
9. It Might Be You featuring India.Arie (Tootsie)
10. Cinema Paradiso Suite (Cinema Paradiso)
11. A Whole New World featuring Donna Summer (Aladdin)
12. Schindler's List - Main Theme

Bonus Tracks:
13. It Might Be You with Peter White [Instrumental]
14. The Shadow Of Your Smile (Love Theme from The Sandpiper) with Chris Botti [Instrumental]

Download CD
[ this download link is not my upload ]

CD information:
Year: 2007
Tracks: 14
Genre: Jazz
Format: MP3
Filesize: 56.30MB
Archive: ZIP

Community Standards


Asian Beauties - Part 1


Bamboo - So Far Away


Loved the original by Carole King, and this version by Bamboo is no exception!

Galeng talaga!

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sample audio:

File information:
/ Filename: Bamboo - So Far Away.mp3
/ Size: 3.92MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 4:16

Marcus Patrick - Playgirl (September 2007)


Download the photo set at

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It Might Be You

I am dedicating this song, along with these 3 versions from 3 women that I have high respect for, to someone (yep, you know who you are already) I met recently.

Last night was one of the most memorable nights of my life. It's like we've known each other for years.

You've made me feel something I've never felt with anyone before. I can't describe in words how happy I am when I am with you.

I am opening my doors to you not because I need to or I wanted to, but because I think I deserve to be happy sometimes. And be inspired by you.

I am still scared, you know that. But I'm taking the risk again.

Life is not perfect, and so is love. I can't promise you forever but I'll try. It's still premature to set things in stone, but I am grateful that you came.

Lea Salonga - It Might Be You
Patti Austin - It Might Be You
India.Arie (featuring Dave Koz) - It Might Be You

Tuesday, August 21, 2007



Because I like the model on their paper bag, yep, I had it scanned for PhP20 at my local internet shop.

I bought a long sleeved polo at the Fuse CyberMall branch today.

And yeah, cute yung sales guy sa stall kaso sinuklian niya ako ng butas na PhP50. I had trouble with it sa Tokyo Tokyo when I took my lunch there so napilitan talaga akong ibalik at papaltan yung P50 sa kanya. Haay..

Ang mahal-mahal nung polong binili ko sa kanila tapos susuklian niya ako ng bulok na bills? (Sinulian niya rin ako ng dalawang luray-luray na P20 bills)

Buti na lang cute 'yung guy sa paper bag nila kung hindi, hindi na ulit ako bibili sa kanila.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

BF Ruins

I am more than a month off on my diary. Buti pa dito sa blog, updated ang journal ko. I really don't have time to write on my personal diary. Maybe I should switch to MS Word or something since I am at most in front of the computer.

Anyway, I went to BF Ruins last night with a friend and a colleague of mine Rodel. He's out by the way and he's one of the first few people I confided at work. By the way, he reads this blog. Hehe! (Hi Rodel!)

We've planned this shopping spree even before our first paycheck hits and he suggested we should go here nga sa BF Ruins 'cos mura mga damit.

I met with him first of course sa SM Southmall at 7:30pm, we had some chitchats sa French Baker. Then around 9 we proceeded to BF Ruins. Nalula ako sa mga DVDs! Sobra! We were joking na baka DVDs bagsak namin dun imbes na mga damit! LOLz

I managed to buy a pair of shoes for PhP500. Rodel acted as my fashion consultant. Kung alin ang bagay sa akin, or not. I was very lucky to have him around and would love to have him around again on our next shopping spree either here in BF Ruins again, Tutuban or Tiendesitas.

It was unfortunate na di ko naabutan yung mga polo 'cos siyempre dapat shoes muna kasi mauna. It was almost 12 midnight and most stalls were closing already.

I bought naman a good pants na medyo faded for P1,000. Ok na ok siya, it's the perfect color and style that I want. Not too gay or flashy.

Of course, di pwedeng di kami bibili ng X-rated DVDs. Pero secret na lang kung saan kame nakabili. Not in BF Ruins of course, hehe!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Sweet Truth

Sent over by my friend Andy of Parañaque.

face=Courier size=2>a sweet truth..

"When GOD
knows you're
ready for the
responsibiLity of
HeLL reveaL the
right person
under the right
gud pm!ü


Friday, August 17, 2007

Silent Sanctuary - Sandali Lang

Taken from their 2006 CD "Fuschiang Pag-ibig".

A verse from the song made a mark on my head:

"Di ko rin inakala
Na ika’y mag-iiba
O kay saya ko sa ‘yong piling
Bibitaw ka rin pala;
Di ka ba nanghihinayang sa atin?
Kailangan pa bang tapusin..."

But that was me. Ngayon, wala nang usap-usap. Break kung break! LOLz

No, seriously. Lahat naman nadadaan sa matinong usapan. For me, hangga't kaya pa, hangga't pwede pa, hangga't meron pa, sige lang. But then again, reality check, everything must come to an end.

And I thought love is supposed to be the most wonderful feeling in the universe. Pag anjan na ang break-up, parang gusto ko na ring magunaw ang mundo.

Hence, I was always like "Oops, teka muna! Wag muna please?!" whenever that particular moment butts in.

Where did I go wrong? Sumobra ba? O kulang pa? Stuffs like that. The last time I asked those questions was March 27, 2004. I've been sober since then.

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File information:
/ Filename: Silent Sanctuary - Sandali Lang.mp3
/ Size: 4.76MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 5:32

Twilight - nude onstage


Final clip for the "Twilight Dancers" series.

Video clip contains some male frontal shots.

Please download the video clip at

Eric's Big Part


Kevin Gould - Genre (May 2007)

[ updated August 22, 2007 ]

Download link and images deleted as per request of Mr. Kevin Gould

Weekly Top 7 (August 17, 2007)

1. Silent Sanctuary - Sandali Lang
2. Callalily - Magbalik
3. Kelly Clarkson - Sober
4. Bamboo - So Far Away
5. Backstreet Boys - Inconsolable
6. Carrie Underwood - So Small
7. Miguel Escueta - Falling Away

M2M Masahe - Clip 1


First of two video clips from "M2M Masahe".

Video clip contains some male frontal shots.

Please download the video clip at

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Paycheck

Finally! Woohooh!

One full-month salary. Abono kasi yung July16-July31.

The downside is less than half na lang ang mapupunta sa akin. Most of it, pambayad ng kautangan and everything. Especially for the house bills and for my mom (of course!).

Well at least, may pambili na ako ng dress down ko (sneakers, maong pants, polo shirts - I really don't wear tees).

Usually kasi pag dress-down days, naka-business attire pa rin ako. Kasi nga, (waaahh!) I don't have proper shoes and pants. Siyempre I have to look decent and professional pa rin. Unlike others who still chose to dress up like they're still in high school or worse, they just got out of bed. (No offense meant to any call center agents out there)

Current ZEN tracklisting (as of August 15, 2007)

(right click, 'Save Link As')

NOTE: This tracklisting is not remotely available via the Internet. Please do not request for copies of some files.

Monday, August 13, 2007

On the Cher

I've been riding the Cher buses, pag uwian nga lang. People from the south are probably familiar with the Cher bus lines. Yep, those green classy tourist buses?

I could remember during my Busko days, favorite kong bus nun MassTransit. Those were the red ones with yellow stripes. At par din quality nila. Pero mas sosyal pa rin ang Cher.

These days, ordinary buses na lang ang meron. I wonder what happened to their aircon and coaster buses. Cute yung coasters, kasi 2+2 seats lang per row instead of the standard 3+2. But of course, medyo mahal yung fare kasi nga lesser capacity.

It's a good thing merong mga buses like them. Presko and maaliwalas ang biyahe, even though you're so tired and exhausted from work already.

This week our sked was 1pm to 10pm. So I am very fortunate to still catch Cher buses at Cubao around 11pm. Minsan tiyagaan lang pag-antay.

Haay, 11pm nako kung makarating ng Cubao. Ang mga elevator sa CyberMall, dios me! Que babagal at parating punuan! Sus!

Last week when I was sked 3pm-12mn, hala! Pahirapan talaga. Sometimes I ended up riding an ordinary bus na lang. I won't ride an aircon Alabang-only bus kasi I will still need to ride a jeepney to my place.

Eh di ordinary bus na lang na hanggang Pacita, at least one ride lang.

But(!), hope I could settle na either in Pasig or along Shaw. Been having Alabang-Libis back-and-forth for a month already. Kakapagod na din. 4-5 hours a day ang nakakain for travel time alone. Haay...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dairy Queen - Eastwood


Finally got the chance to drop by at Eastwood's Dairy Queen just before I log in for work around 2pm. Late lunch ko na siya atually.

I used their upsize promo leaflet I got last July 11. Actually, last day na siya today. Buti na lang we have a make-up class 'cos we had no classes last July 30 (Monday).

The upsize promo was you'll get the 16oz Oreo Blizzard for the price of their 12oz. I also ordered their Classic Hotdog and it was a feast already. Halos hindi ko maubos ang ga-higanteng Blizzard eh?!

Funny thing was, the cashier guy saw my nickname on my ID when I took it out to get my last PhP500 bill (dun ko inipit yung money, hehe!) and referenced it on the receipt. Nagulat ako to see my huge name "_O_S" on it! Hehe!

I'll definitely be back, after sahod of course to try their other products!

Miong also loves ice cream! LOLz

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The traitor and the malicious hunk

I can't believe this. I really can't believe this. There's a traitor and a very malicious-minded hunk amidst my work area.

Here's a rundown:

We actually went together scouting for bedspace and room for rent before our scheduled first day at work, so this was around July 13-15, 2007. I opened up to him because of the situation of my contacts for the rooms so he will not be so shocked if ever we arrive there (they're a couple kasi).

I trusted him. And I made him promise me that he will not tell anyone, most especially within our clan (Alabang group). He's straight and he has a girlfriend (and a 3-year old daughter, not related to his current GF, o di ba siniraan ko na rin siya dito sa blog ko).

I thought he was nice. That we could be very good friends. Eventually, after a few days, lumabas na din ang tunay na kulay niya. He can't keep a damn secret. I shouldn't have trusted the bastard. Pakshet talaga.

You know what he did? He told some of our co-trainees that I opened up to him and admitted that I'm gay and all that. So ngayon, they're all talking about me behind my back. 'Cause I'm not out eh. I'm not like the others na very open sa sexuality nila. I know the repercussions of coming out more than they do or their loved ones, dead or alive. Shit talaga!

The traitor is Agent Santos. Puta talaga. Okay, breathe Miong. Kasi may isa pang asshole.

Eto workplace ulet. Pinaka-makitid na utak at malisyosong tao na nakilala ko.

It started because of the 'Good Morning' text greeting na sine-send ko sa kanya. Ang kupal, pinagkalat na tinetext ko siya ng ganon. How can he be so sure na siya lang ang tine-text ko nang gano'n? At bigyan ba daw ng malisya? Of course, I am subscribed to the Smart Unlimited Text Service, naturally I'll send it to each and every Smart subscriber on my phone. Feeling siya. But I admit, I made a HUGE mistake texting him. Malisyoso pala siya.

There are rumors na pala circulating that I'm "silahis" daw, tapos dinagdagan pa niya.

The malicious hunk is Agent Cuadrado. Putang-ina nila talaga! I already removed him on my personal Friendster account kasi baka pati yun bigyan niya pa ng malisya. I even removed Agent Yap today. Nakaka-trauma puta.

Lessons Learned:
1. Never EVER trust anyone.
2. Never EVER open up to someone that easily.
3. Never EVER text a straight guy a 'Good Morning' text message.
4. Never EVER deal with a straight guy.

Cape of Good Hopes


Melinda Doolittle - (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman

Great vocals! Again, she should've won.

This was taken from the 2007 American Idols LIVE! Tour.


Thank you Rey for sending me this. Truly inspired by it!

if we r stars
adrift in
never think
dat ur spark
is worthless
amidst d billion

Bcoz sumwer,
sum1 is thankful
4 ur light.

i am. Ü

Callalily - Magbalik


Yep, a bit late I know. But now ko lang na-appreciate 'to. Hehe! Worth the share. They've got pretty good songs pala.

Download MP3
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sample audio:

File information:
/ Filename: Callalily - Magbalik.mp3
/ Size: 4.99MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 5:27

Testosterone Bonus Scenes


This is a bonus sequence from the DVD version of "Testosterone".

Special thanks to A.C. for the video.

Download clip
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Video information:
Format: Windows Media Audio/Video
Filesize: 23.53MB
Dimension: 320 x 240
Duration: 6:21

98º - Stay The Night


One of my top 5 98º songs. Pity they didn't release it. It has a great radio vibe naman. And Jeff Timmon's/Nick Lachey's voices here are so sexy. LOLz!

Download MP3
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sample audio:

File information:
/ Filename: 98º - Stay The Night.mp3
/ Size: 3.57MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 3:53

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Eastwood/Cubao bedspace - urgent ISO

This is an urgent ISO. Sorry, I've tried Buy N' Sell, puro female bedspacers.

Anyone here who could help me, maximum of 2 jeepney rides to Citibank-Libis, ok na ako dun.

I have some strict considerations though:
1. Landlord/landlady (that's you!) should be in the AREA or at LEAST in the country.
2. Has DIRECT authority over the said place/room/apartment. Walang NAKIKIALAM/MAKIKIALAM na kamag-anak.
3. Be specific about the place/transpo/conditions/distance. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.

Please reply directly to my celfone number. (located at the 'Contact' section)

Thanks guys!

Regina Spektor - Samson [Album Version]


Album version of the hit single from "Begin To Hope".

Download MP3
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sample audio:

File information:
/ Filename: Regina Spektor - Samson [Album Version].mp3
/ Size: 4.21MB
/ Bit Rate: 224 kbps
/ Length: 3:11

Asian Hunks Strip Bet


Download video at




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