Monday, August 13, 2007

On the Cher

I've been riding the Cher buses, pag uwian nga lang. People from the south are probably familiar with the Cher bus lines. Yep, those green classy tourist buses?

I could remember during my Busko days, favorite kong bus nun MassTransit. Those were the red ones with yellow stripes. At par din quality nila. Pero mas sosyal pa rin ang Cher.

These days, ordinary buses na lang ang meron. I wonder what happened to their aircon and coaster buses. Cute yung coasters, kasi 2+2 seats lang per row instead of the standard 3+2. But of course, medyo mahal yung fare kasi nga lesser capacity.

It's a good thing merong mga buses like them. Presko and maaliwalas ang biyahe, even though you're so tired and exhausted from work already.

This week our sked was 1pm to 10pm. So I am very fortunate to still catch Cher buses at Cubao around 11pm. Minsan tiyagaan lang pag-antay.

Haay, 11pm nako kung makarating ng Cubao. Ang mga elevator sa CyberMall, dios me! Que babagal at parating punuan! Sus!

Last week when I was sked 3pm-12mn, hala! Pahirapan talaga. Sometimes I ended up riding an ordinary bus na lang. I won't ride an aircon Alabang-only bus kasi I will still need to ride a jeepney to my place.

Eh di ordinary bus na lang na hanggang Pacita, at least one ride lang.

But(!), hope I could settle na either in Pasig or along Shaw. Been having Alabang-Libis back-and-forth for a month already. Kakapagod na din. 4-5 hours a day ang nakakain for travel time alone. Haay...

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Anonymous said...

hey, i luv those cher buses! d best! when i go home from Qeuzon Ave (usually around 12 midnyt or 1 am, hehehe) talagang hintay ko yand CHER na yan going to letre ( get down sa sangandaan, caloocan). Its huge, well lit, comfy seats, has video, d best! =)


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