Thursday, February 08, 2007

Friends of the Blog

Want a link of your blog to appear here?

Have you linked my blog to yours and would like me to do the same?

Then speak up!

Submit your blog URLs by replying to this post and your link will appear on the soon-to-be added "Friends of the Blog" on the right menu sidebar of my blogsite.

* blogsite content are subject for review
* must also include 'Miong21 @ Blogspot' link to your set of links


Night Owl said...

Hi Miong! please add thanks in advance and more power to ur blog.

Anonymous said...

hi there miong. here is my blog site. i hope you can put my link to your website. thanks.

Riki The Dark said...

This is great, thanks Miong!I love your site! Here's my blog:

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Well, thanks for reciprocating. Been visitnf you blog for many weeks now:

Anonymous said...

hi miong.. how about my bisdak gay blog as well...


Doomed Saint said...

hi miong: i really like ur blog and visit evry chance i get. i also have a personal space, if u can add me, it would be great ---

i really appreciate it. keep 'em coming, bro.

aimiff said...

hey dave, i've been reading your blogs for quite some time already. i enjoy them, just like mark xander's. i'm a struggling blogger myself. well, im not yet as good as you, and i'm still trying to explore the things that i could do here in the blogging world. i've had blogs in my friendster account and just opened a new one here in i put your site as a link. i hope you could put mine too:

i hope you and marky could give me some pointers on how to blog. i have a lot of ideas in mind, but i just cant seem to put them in words. thanks!

notti_boy said...

hi miong has been added to
thank you

Gilbert Garcia Live said...

hi miong,

im just starting my blog but can you add me to yours please...its

Yffar (^^,) said...


I love this blog...

link ko po toh ah..


palink na lang din..

thanks in advance

MONiac_pH said...

hi...hope you can my site...


Anonymous said...

Hi Miong, paadd din ako sa Friends of the Blog mo. It's Salamat

dietdelcast said...

mabuhay ka miong!!! been an avid follower of your blog..if you don't mind kindly include me as one of your 'blogfriends' openID url is power to you!!!

Anufi, Patronesa-in-waiting ng mga Tunay na Veyklas said...

hi miong (dave)!

add me? :) i've been a fan of your site forever :) i've already added you ages ago. mwah!

visit me soon :)

Anonymous said...

good blog:)
Hehe im just new in blogging hope to achive what your blog already has. Ur so famous. kip it up.

efrenefren said...


If you are still accepting link backs my blog is:


jjquimora said...

add my blog! just a beginner!


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