Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coming out in Pansol

We had out Christmas party/get-together in a Abiva Resort in Pansol. It was fun!

Next month, Subic naman daw! Haay..grabe na kapaguran nito! LOLz

We had this "Truth or Dare" game sa pool (with the aid of an empty mineral water bottle). When it was my turn, I chose "truth" kasi I know naman na they've been dying to verify my sexuality eh.

Nagkahiyaan pa kung sino magtatanong, though there are I think 2 or 3 people in my team whom I personally confided with.

When asked "****, are you gay?", I answered quickly with a "Yes."

Some gasped, others shouted with joy. What the heck?! Kaya ba nag-game dahil dito?! Naman! Talk about perfect timing.

The status message in my AIM now reads, "What happened in Laguna, stays in Laguna..."

Harr harr harr!!


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