Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekly Top 7 (May 18, 2007)


1. Sponge Cola - Pasubali
2. Rain - To You
3. Rain - Him & Me
4. Mandy Moore - Latest Mistake
5. Elliott Yamin - Trainwreck
6. Kelly Clarkson - Never Again
7. Rain - In My Bed

SPONGE COLA - Pasubali
My current flame from my all-time fave Pinoy band, Sponge Cola. Hehe! Props, props, props sa long notes toward the end of the song! Whew!

RAIN - To You
Waah! I love the melody and the vocals! Help, anyone! BTW, thanks to A.C. for sharing his Rain CDs with me! Muah!

RAIN - Him & Me
It has the Nelly-ish vibe, but I love it as well.

MANDY MOORE - Latest Mistake
Oh Mandy! It took you 4 years?! This is so far my fave track from her forthcoming album "Wild Hope".

ELLIOTT YAMIN - Trainwreck
There's an acoustic version of this one, but I like the album version better. It has the traditional R&B groove in it! Way to go Elliott!

Can't get this song off in my head nowadays now that I've seen the music video.

RAIN - In My Bed
Obviously, I didn't understand this one at all. But, I guess the title says it all. 'I'm here in my bed, alone..missing you..blah blah' maybe?


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