Thursday, April 03, 2008

Two years and still kicking

YAY! This blog is two years old! I can't believe it! Nyahaha!

At first it was just a back-up listing for my then Yahoo! Groups, and then nagtuloy-tuloy na rin siya into a full-plegde personal blog. (Yahoo! Groups sucks kasi)

And I couldn't believe that I'd stay here in Blogger this long. I must admit I have this trauma na with the internet that nothing lasts forever. Somehow, someway, your accounts/e-mail/groups will get deleted anyway. But I'm still here.

And I thank you guys for always visiting my site. Not always visible when it comes to leaving a comment or two but at least the visitor's counter says it all.

Especially my personal profile here sa Blogger, before it was just 1,000+, but as of March 31, it's at 33,683 hits! YAY!

Special thanks to Josh, richard and JCarlos for always taking a time-out to visit and leave a message to this blog! Muah! LOLz

Cheers for more years to come!

PS: I'm quite sad Mark Xander decided to suspend his blog. Waahhh....


Unknown said...

Hi Dave,

Congratulations on commemorating your blog. It must have been a great two years. It hasn't been that long that i started reading your blog and i find your blogs fascinating. More power to you and your blog. Keep on blogging!!!!


KC said...

Congrats! This is good.

Dave Montero said...

Woah! Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

this cols 4 a celbration. kainan na! saan mo kami i-blow out dave?

Unknown said...

tama si josh! treat mo kami, heheh! =)

Unknown said...

Hiya Dave,

Congrats on your 2nd year!

Masaya ako para sa iyo, my friend! :)


JCarlos said...

Congratulation to the master of all blogs! :) still counting eh? More power, Sir!

Dave Montero said...

@Josh & Richard: sked natin okay?! hehe!

Dave Montero said...

@JCarlos: toinx! di nman ako ang master of all blogs?! haha!

Unknown said...

Waaaaaaa! inisnab comment ko! waaaaaaaaaaaa!

nobody's angel said...

hey dave
well, its me, ur cabin crew friend, who didnt hav enough courage to get a virtual identity.
well, its great to know that you are here, and kicking!
its good to see u around after all that u've been through.
i wish u 200 more years of happiness and blogging (if u desire so).
loving your blog, and finding myself.
keep rocking!

Dave Montero said...

Oops! Sorry Andy! Hehe! Thanx bro!

Dave Montero said...

@nobody's angel: Thanks for the support!


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