Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sobra na! Tama na! Lantaran na!


I've been listening to Ted Failon & Korina Sachez' morning radio show for two days now (my mom's an advocate) and it really bothered me of what had happened last weekend at the House of Representatives.

Grabe na ang kakapalan ng mukha, garapalan na kung garapalan!

At ano pa ‘to, bobombahin daw ng mga ‘komunista’ ang isang pagdiriwang na kumukondena sa gobyerno? How thick was that? Nakakatawa lang…

Gloria’s (and her cocoons) time is ticking, and in their most desperate move to change to constitution, one wrong move and it may as well result to the collapse of her entire empire.

Here’s hoping. Sorry, can’t resist it.

More seriously, ano kaya ang katapusan ni Gloria? The Marcoses was forced to leave the country back then…hmm…paano nga kaya?

‘House of Spoiled Brats’ (Editorial)
In the dark (Editorial)
Elections are the heart of democracy (by Conrado De Quiros)
All that glittered was the gold (by Manuel L. Quezon III)

Ipako ang mga bakla!!!

The funniest gay text joke I ever received! LOLz

Sent last night courtesy of Jeff from G4M.

lasing: ipako ang
mga bakla!

bakla: takbo mga
sister, takbo!!

lasing: ang
g2mtng pako ay

bakla: balik, mga
sister, putang
ina! balik!!


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