Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wilbert Tolentino @ 2009 Mr. Gay World


Please support our very own WILBERT TOLENTINO (Guys4Men's TOPSHOOTER) in the upcoming MR. GAY WORLD 2009 to be held in Whistler, Canada on February 4-8.

It will be a part of the WinterPRIDE. Wow, parang gusto kong kumuha ng Visa to Canada now na, LOL!


This concern made a stir back at the Guys4Men forums. Let's take all issues aside and support our own. Not just because he's one of us, but as a fellow Filipino.

I tried very hard to point my mouse away to Misters Austria, Brazil and Czech Republic. Oh my!

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Walang Hanggang Paalam


Watch out for the gay love scene of Jake Roxas and Rico Barrera in the upcoming film, WALANG HANGGANG PAALAM directed by Paolo Villaluna and Ellen Ramos (directors of Selda and Ilusyon)

The film also stars Joem Bascon, Jacky Woo and Ms. Lovi Poe. Premiere showing on February 8, 8 M at Robinson's Galleria. Regular showing on February 11 to 18 at Indiesine of Robinson's Galleria.

Download hi-res poster

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Melinda Doolittle - Coming Back To You


This song was originally done by Macy Gray.

And I'm lovin' Melinda's version! She made it as if it was recorded during the 60's!

I imagined a music video for this one, pretty similar to the cover of her CD, with Melinda walking the streets of Philadelphia and should be filmed in black and white.

She has pretty great tracks on her upcoming album as well! I was fortunate to sample them all last weekend!

Lyrics here

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