Monday, July 27, 2009

Magnus Aguinaldo

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Magnus Aguinaldo
Magnus Aguinaldo Magnus Aguinaldo

I wish he could smile though. But he has a fine body, very Pinoy indeed. Probably from Emilio Aguinaldo's line? LOLz

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Courtesy of Ian Felix Alquiros

Theory of a Deadman - Not Meant To Be


Also from the "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" movie soundtrack.

Lyrics here

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Pet Society Addiction


I started playing Pet Society just around the time I started using Facebook back in February of this year.

My pet which I aptly named after my hubby, "Shih Tzu" was just a newbie. No much stuff on his house, few friends and low experience.

After a few months, I managed to reach a status where I can buy items for my pet. He has a lot of friends he can play with.

I was able to have some of my friends join Pet Society too!

Shih Tzu, the beach hunk

I love Pet Society because of its weekly updates. Every week there's a new food item, clothes to wear and cool gadgets to add to your pet's home. Not to mention nice wallpapers and floor tiles. What I hate about it is their unstable server which has a lot of downtimes! But they managed to fixed it in a way.

New additions to the game were the Garden, and of course the weekly themes that you can dress up your pet either the Statue of Liberty, a Knight or a Pirate, a car racer, an Alpine or even a Fairy Godmother!

Right now, I'm collecting as much toys as I can from the game. My most treasured dolls would be the Elephant Doll, Whale Doll, and the Bulldog Doll. I like the new Horse Doll & Sheep Doll!

I should daresay I got addicted to Facebook because of Pet Society.

The only downside for this one is I'd wish I could buy those same stuffs in real life LOLz!


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