Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mandy Moore - Umbrella

(from Yahoo! Live Sets)

I must admit I am not familiar with Rihanna's version. So I heard Mandy's version first. But Rihanna's video for "Umbrella" rocks! It's a classic!

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Unknown said...

uunga... ganda rin ng version ni mandy moore.. she did justice to the song in the ballad-y kinda way. pero iba pa rin si rihanna.. she robbed everybody elses of the moon man for video of the year sa recently celebrated vma 2007. who would've thought this pon de replay gal will make it this huge. congrats rihanna!!! her latest cd good girl gone bad is packed with more monstrous future hits.

Anonymous said...

this song from mandy moore is simply great it's much more bether than rihanna's version .


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