Monday, February 11, 2008

Wishlist 2008

This is my wishlist for 2008 (in particular order)

[ updated February 16, 2008 ]

matured, honest & secured boyfriend

Derrick Davenport DVDs

Dante's Cove: The Complete First Season DVD

Dante's Cove: The Complete Second Season DVD

Phenomenon DVD (starring John Travolta)

The Arrival I/The Arrival II DVD (starring Charliee Sheen)

Steven Spielber's The Amazing Stories The COmplete First Season DVD

Transformers DVD OK! - 2/15/2008

Piolo Pascual: Believing OK! - 2/2/2008

Timeless by David Vance

Nokia 6300

Transcend JetFlash 4GB Flash Drive OK! - 2/16/2008

Smart Bro plug-in internet (by April 2008)

iPod Nano 8GB


Frontman Magazine [Issue #1]


Anonymous said...

dave, d2 pala sa national bookstore quezon ave (lapit sa amin) may piolo bio rin tinda, kaya lang nga soft bound din. :(

Frotman mag, gus2 pala yun. i saw that mag b4 pero parang walang dating at hindi nakaka L, hehehe. Cge i'll try to ask my officemat-confidante-friend if he can find one sa may Quiap/Welcom Rotonda/ or here lapit sa MRT Q.AVe station (near McDo). Yung climax na may Provoq men gus2 mo magkaroon ng copy???? magpahanp din ako, hehehe.

Queer as folks (Us version) u dont like?

Teka bakit may wish list update ka??? bday mo na ba???

c u sa feb 23! :)

Anonymous said...

Ang bait naman!

BTW, baka meron Dante's Cove sa ruins?

Queer as Folks is nice too.


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