Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pido - Alone... But Never Alone


* Notable track

1. I Go Crazy*
2. Dreamwalkin' (Along With Me)
3. Never Letting Go*
4. Lost In You*
5. Something To See
6. True Colors*
7. Tell Me In A Whisper
8. Walk In Love
9. Livin' It Up
10. What You Won't Do (Do For Love)*
11. Little Italy
12. Pretty Girl*
13. Sara Smile*
14. There We Are
15. Make It Last*
16. The More We Try
17. Music*

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password: miong21
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CD information:
Year: 2005
Tracks: 17
Genre: OPM
Quality: 128 kbps
Format: MP3
Archive: ZIP
Size: 60.40MB

1 comment:

Christian Dale Quinzon said...

Hello! I heard this guy's rendition of I Go Crazy and I liked it so much, but I can't find his CD anywhere. Would you mind sharing his songs again, please?


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